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Bali, Indonesia

The Viceory, Ubud: Honeymoon Paradise (Or Lunch Paradise In Our Case)

Yesterday I decided to take the kids to the local library. It's called Pondok Pekak Library & Learning Center. The road's were super busy as it is located on a soccor field and there was a big game on, seemed half the town was there. But I managed to find a parking spot, paid my 20 cent parking ticket and set off across the field to this little place.

Unfortuantely the children's section is closed on Mondays. The adults section was alive and well and I loved the quirky little sign about not stealing books because you will get bad karma & you must protect your next life. Thank Jesus I only have one life to think about, two or more would be more then I could handle! :) I will update this once we get to the actually kid's section, but it looked pretty cute from what we could see.

Lunch At The Viceroy


Anyway we meet friends there who had heard of this amazing place called the Viceory so we decided to go check it out. Set in the outskirts of Ubud the first road is bumpy, unkept and you are thinking how could this place be so awesome. Then there is the driveway set with security, a heli pad and of, course valet parking.

This place is honeymooners dream as the prices range from $700 per night to $2000 per night. It is on a cliff face and is jaw-dropping! The little villas each face the cliff with their own pool and AMAZING views.

We went to the Cascades restaurant, which was absolutely stunning. The food was top notch and expensive for Bali – right on tee with Perth really.

Josh had a steak and I had chicken. The bill was over $80.

You are paying for the location, the privacy, the absolute serenity (not including our crying, tired children).

The pictures speak a thousand words, definitely worth a visit, even if it's just a swim and a drink.

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