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Where To Eat On The Greek Islands: Sifnos

During our visit to the Greek islands I’d have to say the food was some of the best we’ve tasted anywhere in the world… absolutely divine! So we put together a little list of all the places we tried so when you come to visit the heavenly paradise that is the Greek Islands, your belly may also share the extraordinary delight. Be prepared to be full, really full, chock full. The Greek certainly know hospitality!

Like Kythnos, there was an abundance of fresh, locally grown produce on Sifnos and it could be tasted on the plate. The time-tested traditions and mountains of love that went into each dish we tasted were evident. 

What you have to find on Sifnos -

“Dried capers salad”. Dried locally grown capers mashed with caramelised onion, dill and vinegar. A really pleasurable balance of sweet and tangy.

“Sifnos Biscuit”. Half biscotti, half shortbread. Delicious after dinner with your coffee or tea. 



Nero Alati (Water & Salt) @ Platis Gialos

Is every restaurant on the beach in the Greek islands? Fabulous location, perfect for a visit after spending the day on the beach. The food is really authentic and we may have had the best lamb dish ever, cooked in red wine in earthen pottery all day – mega yum!




Felos @ Ano Petali

This restaurant and coffee shop has been around since 1900 and now operated by the family’s 5th generation. I’ll never forget the old-fashioned “lolly” they served us after dinner. Like a “milko” on a spoon, dipped in water. Josh and Mia polished both of theirs off, no problems. 




Tsikali @ Vathi

An amazing location in a calm bay. All the produce is grown by the family, including the meat. Even the cheese is made by the owner. In terms of flavour, the food cannot be faulted. As an avid foodie, Josh gave it an exceptionally rare 10 out of 10. I’ll never forget the mouth-watering lemon pie. Out. Of. This. World. The delightful owner’s son provided us with a valuable insight into the unique culture on this island.





Cameron @ Kamares 

A great restaurant to eat at while waiting for the evening ferry. The pasta is cooked in a traditional Greek way in the oven, much like a pasta bake and the wood-fired pizza was super scrumptious. 



Next stop in the Greek island food tour… Milos

Or perhaps you are heading to Kythnos, Ios or Paros?

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Yum yum yum
Posted by Fragiska-Sifnos on
Beautiful article! One mistake only: FELOS stand in the village of Ano Petali (Sifnos) and not Apollonia! So...
Felos @ Ano Petali
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