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Penang, Malaysia

The Love That Lasts a Lifetime

“I know you like me.”


“I’ve known for like 6 months.”


“So are you going to ask me out?”

Thus went the conversation that started the love of a lifetime.

When I was 16 Josh asked me out. When I was 21 Josh married me. That means that 2012 we have been dating for 15 years and happily married 10 years. A decade. An achievement.

I am relieved to say happily married. In all these years we have never considered divorce. We have argued, we have fought, we have cried, we have laughed. But for us divorce will never be an option and therefore we fight for a love that will last a lifetime.

When I was 16 my husband was shy. He was shy in his affections and shy in his nature. We dated throughout those angst teen years and it was an absolute thrill to be so into someone that young. Well not for my parents, they were concerned with my “serious” relationship and suggested I go move to London for awhile.


It’s only now, in hindsight, I realise it was to create some space between me and the teenage boy with the long hair.

The day after I turned 20 I moved to London. Josh and I had a break. It was my first time being single and my first trip alone. Boy, did I have a blast. I worked in some great places and travelled to Holland, Belgium and Italy. 6 months turned into 7, 8, then 9 and Josh decided he had to come visit.

I had never met anyone like Josh through all my travels and had in fact compared him to every boy in every country. I know there would never be one like him, I mean how many countries does one have to visit to believe it?

There was no question if I could live with him, the truth was I could not live without him.

When Josh decided to visit we had the time of our lives. We visited Paris and toured London. He “practically begged me” to come home (he denies this haha, but it’s my blog) and I finally agreed leaving the onset of English winter and coming home to Australian summer.

It was not long after he proposed. And what a proposal. He hired a convertible, he wrote little rhymes of where we were going and the whole day was filled with visits to places we had been while dating. The evening finished with a magnificent dinner, a walk on the beach and him on one knee with a glittering gold diamond ring.

We were married in the beautiful spring of 2002. I will never forget that day, it was my dream wedding and I’d do it all again. What a party!


Every year we went away on our anniversary. Our first anniversary we celebrated in Sydney. Our last one was on Langkawi. And all of a sudden we were hit with a dilemma. TEN YEARS and what to do? We had been travelling for 6 months and well, quite frankly it seemed silly to travel somewhere else just because it was our anniversary.

We had big plans for ten years, we were going to cruise the Mediterranean or head to a couples resort, but that was before we started travelling the world.

My mum was visiting us in Penang so we decided to lay off the pressure and simple enjoy a night away, so we booked a stay at the Hotel Equatorial Penang.

The hotel was disappointing. We had ordered the Club Lounge and it was all business. A normal room with nothing special added for the anniversary and a normal lounge with no cocktail menu. The pool and grounds were above average, but I couldn’t recommend a stay there not after Golden Bay Sands and Hard Rock.

The room didn’t spoil the celebration though. We had the whole evening to ourselves and we could sleep-in. We shopped, we ate, and we stayed out late. We slept, we ate and then we missed the kids and went home.

To some it seems like a pretty boring anniversary. To us this whole 6 months has been a celebration of our love and therefore in extension of our anniversary and we couldn’t have asked for a better fit then for this whole year of travel and to spend every day and moment together with the two best things to come from our union, our kids.

When we went to the Tiger Temple it was to celebrate our anniversary. When we did a cooking class, we celebrated. When we saw a movie, we celebrated. It hasn’t been one day this year,  so far it’s been 175 days! 

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Posted by Karin on
So proud of you both
Posted by Keryn @ Walking on Travels on
SO amazing! I love the photos walking us through your relationship too. Aren't old school dance photos the best? ;-) Happy anniversary!
Posted by TammyOnTheMove on
What a lovely love story. I wish you many more happy years together! xxx
Posted by Renee on
What a lovely post! I love the old photos. Congratulations.
Posted by Gina Edwards on
What a lovely post x
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