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Travel Blog Design Tips

Once you’ve gotten your Travel Blog up and running; you’ll need to think on how you’d like it to be presented to your audience. You could do a lot of research to see what everyone else is doing but why would you want to look like the rest of the class? Being a social sheep isn’t going to draw an audience to your page; they’ll find it familiar but potentially fatiguing.

We’ve already looked at picking your name, hosting, building an E-Mail list etc so all the hard work is done to be truthful – all you need to do now is make it look the part and here’s how to do it:

Follow Some Design Blogs

Rather than looking at the competition, look at blogs that were set up specifically to help people in your situation. It’s comparable to going to a dentist for foot pain; you just wouldn’t do it. There are sites that offer inspiration and advise you on how to make your blog look polished and professional – take a look at WebDesignerDepot no matter your skill level; their tutorials and inspiration pieces will go a long way to helping your cause.

Colour is Key

If you look at modern advertising; you’ll see a lot of harsh colours that draw your attention but can be nightmarish to read. Now consider that your blog will centre around people reading your content around the images of your travels – harsh colour contrasts are a big no no. When people think of travel they think of flying and verdant landscapes; use this to your advantage.

If your travel preference is for sun and sea, a soft blue palette is ideal. If you prefer snow and ice; soft off white is great and so on. Be certain to choose a colour for your content that stands out and is easy to read but doesn’t strain the eyes – emboldened black on vibrant white is going to give your readers a sore head over time.

Features and Links

No blog ever succeeded from drawing readers in for a single page – you need to use your posts to your advantage. Having internal links to other pages on each post will encourage a reader to explore everything your blog has to offer – think about Wikipedia and how long you catch yourself browsing for thanks to the sheer number of links on the page!

If you can link a reader to a related article or a top performing piece from the page they land on then you’ll soon see clickthrough increasing. Tactical placement is key, low down on the page as an option when they have read through the current piece or along the right hand side of the page so it’s present throughout their browsing is also a great spot.

Make It Yours

You can look like every other blog if you truly want to but you won’t engage nearly as many readers as you could with a little advice. A passion project like a travel blog needs to be personalised to you and your style needs to be apparent throughout.

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