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Get the best of the best here. We reflect on the best places we've been, what we've done and combine that into short, simple countdowns and lists.

  • Top 21 Photos of 2021

    Top 21 Photos of 2021


    2021 was a year that none of us will forget any time soon. It brought a wide range of new experiences for me, although most of them didn't involve travelling (thanks to a series of COVID-related lockdowns). Here are my favourite images of the year.

  • Top 99 Photos of 2019

    Top 99 Photos of 2019


    There’s fashionably late… and then there’s this! 2019 was a big travel year for me, and after the last 12 months that feels like a lifetime ago. Now seemed like a good time for reflection, so I filtered through 30,000 images from across 11 countries to bring you my favourites. While easy travel might still be a little while away, I hope you find some inspiration from these images.

  • Top 88 Photos of 2020

    Top 88 Photos of 2020


    Whew, that was a doozy! 2020 wasn’t easy for most of us - especially in the travel industry. We started this turbulent 12 months in Bali, followed by a trip to Malaysia that got drawn out due to travel restrictions. After March all the plans were thrown out the window. So we made lemonade from the lemons and extensively explored the tropical island of Langkawi, which produced dozens of pages of content on

  • Top 77 Photos of 2018

    Top 77 Photos of 2018


    2018 was a year of great personal change and growth. I got married in June and have been travelling the world with my wonderful wife, Jacinta. That also means I’ve been able to step in front of the camera on a few more occasions this year. I hope this selection of photos inspires you to reach for your dreams in 2019 and the years to come.

  • Top 60 Photos of 2017

    Top 60 Photos of 2017


    2017 was a transitional year for Travel With Bender and my travel pace slowed down. But I was still able to capture a range of amazing scenes and moments from the United States, Australia, Turkey, Israel, Jordan, France, and Indonesia. Take a look through my favourite photos of this year.

  • Top 100 Photos of 2016

    Top 100 Photos of 2016


    Reflecting on 2016, I’ve waded through tens of thousands of travel photos to bring you my personal favourites. These cover the full range of travel photography subjects and disciplines: landscapes, street, food, history, attractions, people, nature, wildlife, astro, and even underwater. You tell me… which shot is your favourite?

  • 7 Waterparks You Have To Visit

    7 Waterparks You Have To Visit


    Yes, we have kids. It’s a common justification for parents who visit a waterpark. But if you know me, then you know I need no excuse to go. I’d happily go with or without my kids. Adrenalin junkie? Perhaps. Here are my 7 favourite waterparks we’ve visited over the last 4 years of non-stop travel. Parks that I would head back to in a heartbeat. And you’re welcome to join me.

  • Top 69 Photos Of 2015

    Top 69 Photos Of 2015


    2015 was an epic year for Travel With Bender. In a 365-day window we explored dozens of cities and experienced hundreds of unforgettable highlights. I undertook the mammoth task to whittle down over 36,000 photos to a mere 69. Hopefully it will give you a taste of our year that was. And also a flickering glimpse into the wonderful, majestic, breathtaking world we share.

  • 365 Days Of Accommodation: 2014 - 2015

    365 Days Of Accommodation: 2014 - 2015


    We’ve stayed at a huge range of accomodation over the last 365 days, including hotels, villas, resorts, hostels, houseboats, cruise ships, and even tents. If you’re looking for a quick reference for accomodation, we’ve included links to our reviews as well as more articles on each country. Enjoy!

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