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  • Le Meridien Bali Jimbaran: Best Rooftop Sunset

    Le Meridien Bali Jimbaran: Best Rooftop Sunset

    Bali, Indonesia

    Le Meridien Bali Jimbaran left me speechless. It’s not every day you visit a hotel that is decorated more tastefully than a millionaire’s Beverly Hills home. And not just any home, but the home of an avid art aficionado. Colours, shapes, and textures that flow together in an eloquent visual harmony. And this is a hotel?

  • 34 Gorgeous Photos of Le Meridien Bali Jimbaran

    34 Gorgeous Photos of Le Meridien Bali Jimbaran

    Bali, Indonesia

    Jimbaran in Bali is known for fresh seafood, beautiful sunsets and luxurious resorts. Take a stroll with me around one of the most gorgeous resorts in the area, Le Meridien Bali Jimbaran. Be warned though. If you haven’t already booked a flight to Bali, then you may just be compelled to do that after finishing this article.

  • 5 Hotel Dining Experiences In Bali To Suit Your Mood

    5 Hotel Dining Experiences In Bali To Suit Your Mood

    Bali, Indonesia

    There is something magical about food. When visiting a far-off destination food pulls you into that culture. It entices you to smile, sigh, and feel satisfied with your place in the world. It tells a story without words, and places emotion on a plate. Discover 5 dining experiences in Bali.

  • 5 Hotels in Bali To Suit Your Mood

    5 Hotels in Bali To Suit Your Mood

    Bali, Indonesia

    Bali offers a wide range of holiday experiences from heart-pounding adventure, to pure serenity and everything in between. We realised there truly is something for everyone… if you know where to look. So what style of holiday are you looking for? What’s your mood?

  • 3 Places You Never Thought To Go All Inclusive

    3 Places You Never Thought To Go All Inclusive

    Travel Tips

    “All-inclusive”. A word that generally means paying a single price for your room, food, drinks and activities. But as we learned, it’s not just limited to hotels. Perhaps you never thought of the alternatives to all-inclusive resorts?

  • Living The Dream: What Boundaries?

    Living The Dream: What Boundaries?

    Living The Dream

    I love these two gorgeous ladies, they really are Living The Dream. We first met in Ireland and have met several times since. They have a bubble inside them that is infectious and will help you step out of your self-imposed boundaries and live your dream.

  • 5 Reasons Why I Hate Full Body Massage

    5 Reasons Why I Hate Full Body Massage


    My husband adores massages and there are not many days that go by in Bali where he is not off searching for his next $5 full body massage. I rarely go. Give me a pedicure or some foot reflexology, but I tend to avoid the full body massage. Is it a matter of preference or is it something deeper? Maybe it’s time for a little reflection and honesty?

  • 9 Challenges Of Family Travel

    9 Challenges Of Family Travel


    What’s it really like travelling the world as a family? And in particular, what are the biggest challenges? Find out how we face and overcome those - and more importantly, how it turns out they don’t really matter anyway.

  • 7 Steps To Plan The Ultimate Destination Family Reunion

    7 Steps To Plan The Ultimate Destination Family Reunion

    Travel Tips

    In January my parents and siblings decided we’d all meet up in Bali. It had been almost a year since I had seen my Australian family and as a favourite Australian holiday spot, Bali seemed the ideal location. Commence operation Destination Family Reunion. 13 people, all with different budgets, lifestyles and hometowns, with 1 simple goal in mind – the best family holiday! This was going to be a mission.

  • Living The Dream: Be The Author Of Your Own Story

    Living The Dream: Be The Author Of Your Own Story

    Living The Dream

    We met videographers Tawny & Chris first in Athens, Greece and then again when I travelled for a week with them in Sri Lanka. This is a real on-the-go couple that has no boundaries. If they want to be home they’ll be home. If they want to travel they'll travel. They are the author of their own story. They are Living The Dream.

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    3 Family Friendly Places Your Kids Will Love

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