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  • 21 Things You Need To Know About Bali Before You Visit

    21 Things You Need To Know About Bali Before You Visit

    Bali, Indonesia

    Here is a compact wrap up of our Bali trip. Including 6 things to do with kids, 5 kid-free adult things to do in Bali, 4 things to remember about Bali food, 3 things to remember when bartering in Bali, 2 things to remember at Bali Airport & 1 thing not to do in Bali!

  • Snow in Singapore?

    Snow in Singapore?


    Cold blue fingers clutching at my clothes, tears dripping down his face my little son clutched me with a desperation. On the other hand warm gloved hands and loud giggles my daughter runs away for another ride on the toboggan slope. The two extreme reactions my kids had at Snow City, Singapore.

  • Peekaboo Fun in Sanur, Bali

    Peekaboo Fun in Sanur, Bali

    Bali, Indonesia

    As I sit here in the Peekaboo Café watching the Balinese staff chase my giggling kids I can’t help thinking what a life I am living. A giant playground in Sanur, built on Western Standards.

  • Quad Biking Aventure & Canyon Tubing In Bali

    Quad Biking Aventure & Canyon Tubing In Bali

    Bali, Indonesia

    An absolute must in Bali! Quad biking through the rainforest and then tubing down a river in a canyon. Now that's adventure! "Josh jumps onto his tube in the middle of a canyon with water bubbling past at an unknown speed. Before he gets comfortable he is up and over, one shoe flying through the air. He grabs the other, takes hold of his glasses and misses the opportunity to grab his boat. That soars away from him. We are all laughing so hard, mainly because the water is only waist deep on my giant of a husband, but also because his size 15 shoe sails silently past him, away on the rapids…"

  • Before the Blog

    Before the Blog

    Who Are We?

    While the blog started with our new digital nomad journey, the travels did not. Here is a quick overview of where we've been and what's shaping our decisions.

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