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  • Breaking the Ice at the Hard Rock Hotel Penang Foam Party

    Breaking the Ice at the Hard Rock Hotel Penang Foam Party

    Penang, Malaysia

    As the cloud of white foam closed over my head, I felt a moment of panic. My nose was blocked and I gasped. Big mistake. The soapy white bubbles slipped down my throat and I was gagging. I couldn’t get a breath in. Every breath existed of more bubbles. I tried to breath through my nose and was snorting foam. I ran to the shower and got hosed off by a staff member, spitting and gagging and dry reaching.

  • Meltdown @ Tropical Spice Garden, Penang

    Meltdown @ Tropical Spice Garden, Penang

    Penang, Malaysia

    I try never to listen to the labels people place on each other especially the labels they give children. Terrible Twos is a horrible term in which I am constantly refusing to believe, but there are those moments when you are in a lush garden surrounded by beauty and birds singing, water trickling, monkeys jumping, lizards crawling… that can be ruined within seconds with the defiant cries of a my two year old son. Our journey to the Tropical Spice Garden started off with good intentions...

  • 3 days in Penang With My Best Friend

    3 days in Penang With My Best Friend

    Penang, Malaysia

    You know when you just know someone. You met them and already you are talking 100 miles an hour, laughing and there’s that connection that while you may have just met, it had to have been destiny, ordained, planned, because that person completes you. I’m not talking about my soul mate, although my husband completes me in most ways and I love him to pieces. I’m talking about the moment you meet your best friend. Discover what we did with only 3 days in Penang.

  • Bangkok's Exclusive Countdown

    Bangkok's Exclusive Countdown

    Bangkok, Thailand

    Here is a compact wrap up of our Bangkok trip. Including 10 things to do with toddlers in Bangkok, 5 must-eat foods in Bangkok, 4 things for kid free adults to do in Bangkok, 3 things to remember for Bangkok transport, 2 things not to do in Bangkok and 1 thing to remember before arriving in Bangkok.

  • 8 Things To Do With Kids In Bangkok

    8 Things To Do With Kids In Bangkok

    Bangkok, Thailand

    You didn't think Bangkok had anything to do, did you? A shopping playground for adults and a nightlife for singles. Bangkok is a far cry from the typical family destination? But we found eight! 8 things your toddlers will love!

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