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Along our journey we meet lots of fascinating folks. This section of the website features stories from other people that we think you'll find interesting. We love learning from their experiences and this is our chance to share those with you.

  • The Best Street Food to Eat in Bangkok

    The Best Street Food to Eat in Bangkok By Carlos Garcia

    Guest Blogs

    If you ever visit Bangkok, you will soon notice that it is a hub for street food. It is easy to feel intimidated by the amount of variety there is to choose from so we hope this helps.

  • Books... Never Leave Home Without Them

    Books... Never Leave Home Without Them By Jenni Buchanan

    Guest Blogs

    Books (or great travel blogs such as the Bender family’s) are the things that help us satisfy that longing to travel, that need to explore. In Emily Dickinson’s case, books helped a uniquely shy and inexperienced person know the world outside her hometown. Because of books, this girl who couldn’t even leave her own room was able to write some of the most insightful, moving, and worldly poetry ever written.

  • Portugal: Sophisticated and Classy

    Portugal: Sophisticated and Classy By Molly Austin

    Guest Blogs

    Portugal is one of those go-to destinations that never shows any signs of slowing in terms of popularity. It’s no surprise really, when you consider the number of fantastic resorts, great weather and opportunities to lie-back and relax.

  • How to Spend Your Bank Holiday This Summer in the UK

    How to Spend Your Bank Holiday This Summer in the UK By Sarah Pickett

    Guest Blogs

    It’s hard getting time off work and for that reason Bank holidays can be a person’s favourite reason to jet off. However, there is a lot one can do within the United Kingdom that will take less travel time and just as fun.

  • Beach, Bar or Relax: Best of the Balearics

    Beach, Bar or Relax: Best of the Balearics By Topher Davis

    Guest Blogs

    Located in the Balearic Sea off the east coast of Spain, the Balearic islands - made up of Majorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera - boast some of the best beach resorts in the whole of Europe, and with literally hundreds of different locations to choose from you're sure to find the perfect holiday for you.

  • Where to Stay in Turkey This Summer

    Where to Stay in Turkey This Summer By Katherine Lewis

    Guest Blogs

    Turkey has become incredibly popular among all kinds of holidaymakers in recent years. There is a lot of variety between the destinations on Turkey's Turquoise Coast, so here is a brief guide to some of the options.

  • A Beginner's Guide To Brazil

    A Beginner's Guide To Brazil By Ashley King

    Guest Blogs

    If you're looking for a truly breathtaking holiday, Brazil is one destination that I really recommend you visit. Famous the world over for its beautiful beaches, carnivals, rich culture, great weather and love of football, the country really does offer something for everyone.

  • Swap City for Sea

    Swap City for Sea By Emma Dodd

    Guest Blogs

    It can be great to see some of Europe's biggest cities while on Mediterranean cruises, but this can also get quite exhausting. So why not swap these big metropolises for their more relaxed coastal neighbours and have a quieter holiday?

  • City, Beach or Island - Best Budget Breaks

    City, Beach or Island - Best Budget Breaks By Kristy Moore

    Guest Blogs

    Looking for a cheap holiday? Aren't we all?! I've been doing a lot of research into low-cost destinations recently, and I've discovered that you don't need to stay in the UK if you want a getaway that won't break the bank.