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Along our journey we meet lots of fascinating folks. This section of the website features stories from other people that we think you'll find interesting. We love learning from their experiences and this is our chance to share those with you.

  • Winter Sun In Tenerife

    Winter Sun In Tenerife By Ursula Jones

    Guest Blogs

    Are you looking for somewhere warm to go this winter? A place where you can escape the chilly streets and hit the sunny beach in your swimsuit?

  • Holidaying On The Gold Coast With Kids

    Holidaying On The Gold Coast With Kids By Ursula Jones

    Guest Blogs

    Nothing beats the seaside for family holidays, and on the Gold Coast that’s more true than ever. Replete with activities for kids of all ages, you’ll struggle to get everything done in one trip, with theme parks, hinterland wildlife, and all manner of family activities right under your feet in world class resorts and on beautiful beaches. Besides the activities you can do as a family, with so many distractions for the kids you’ll easily find time for yourself as well.

  • Forming The Holiday Jigsaw

    Forming The Holiday Jigsaw By Lucy West

    Guest Blogs

    Once upon a time there was only one way to book a holiday, and that involved visiting a travel agent, picking up arm fulls of brochures, pouring over them for a few days, before finally deciding on a destination, and then re-visiting the travel agents to book. These days, it’s all very different, and we have many other options available to us, which also offer money saving ideas!

  • Fighting fatigue on the road: tips for family travel

    Fighting fatigue on the road: tips for family travel By Wendy Ames

    Guest Blogs

    It often seems people associate having children with giving up travelling until the kids leave the nest. Some of these reasons are perfectly legitimate — too much money, too much hassle — but I find there is so much to be gained from witnessing my children discover new places.

  • Prague with Kids

    Prague with Kids By Lesley

    Guest Blogs

    With its palaces and Churches, majestic castle, and 100 spires, the enchanting city of Prague is a place well worth visiting in our lifetime, but should we wait for the kids to leave home or take them with us? Little Travellers visited this beautiful city with our kids to see if it is really family friendly.

  • How to earn money while travelling in South East Asia

    How to earn money while travelling in South East Asia By Sujata Cameron

    Guest Blogs

    If you want to travel around the world, but don't think you have the finances to do so, than earning money while you travel could be the right choice for you. In fact, traveling to South East Asia gives you a wide variety of opportunities to earn money while you enjoy your holiday in this exotic destination.

  • Caravanning: The Best Way to Travel Australia

    Caravanning: The Best Way to Travel Australia By Preity

    Guest Blogs

    Do you want to experience something different when it comes to travelling? Do you want to bring the comfort of your home when travelling into places? Then there is a one step easy solution for you -travelling the caravanning way.

  • Airfare Pursuits: How to Get the Cheapest Flights

    Airfare Pursuits: How to Get the Cheapest Flights By Preity

    Guest Blogs

    Tightening the budget is one of the hardest things to do when it comes to travelling. If you are the type who wants to itemise everything to save money, here are some practical tips on how search for cheap flights.

  • Five Family-Friendly European Destinations

    Five Family-Friendly European Destinations

    Guest Blogs

    Holidaying with the kids is not always easy and aside from the constant yells of “are we there yet?” you must also face the difficulty of deciding where to go. Here we look at five family-friendly options in Europe to give you some inspiration for your next trip away.