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Travel With Bender

Uncovering the best vacations

What We Saw

  • Accomodation


    Our apartment in Villa at Mandulyong City, as well as the True Home Hotel in Boracay.

  • Food, Glorious Food

    Food, Glorious Food

    My Philippines food passion in pictures. Buffets, delivery, American food and so much more.

  • Beautiful Boracay

    Beautiful Boracay

    We didn't do much on this gorgeous island, but anything we did see you can also see right here.

  • What we saw

    What we saw

    The few places we did see in Manila can be found in this journal. Cosmic Kidz, Ark of Avilon, Robot Zoo, etc.

  • Corregidor Island

    Corregidor Island

    An whole album for the wonderful and inspiring island of Corregidor.

  • What else we saw

    What else we saw

    The better things we saw in Manila - Corregidore, Rizal Park, Museo Pambata, etc.

Cosmic Kidz

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Ark of Avilon

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Robot Zoo

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