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Apr 29, 2013

TWB365 Party - Prize Entry! (NOW FINISHED)

The competition is now closed. Thank you for everyone who participated and made it a huge success. 

Congratulations to the winners. There were so many winners there wasn't enough time to announce them all during the Twitter Party so the list of winners will be posted on Monday. Stay tuned for that.

Legoland Malaysia

Total value: US$1621

Xel-Ha | Xcaret | Xplor

Total value: US$534

Hilton Phuket

Total value: US$392

Xanadu Island Resort

Total value: US$600


Total value: US$329

Apple is not a participant in or sponsor of this promotion. The iPad is a trademark of Apple.

Bali Villa Montego

Total value: US$1750


Total value: US$300

Total value: £250

SEAduced by Belize

Total value: US$150

Chessington World of Adventure

Total value: US$182

Jungle Island

Total value: US$150

Manduca Australia & Fertile Mind

Total value: AU$159


Total value: AU$200

Food Tours Malaysia

Total value: US$103

Windelkinder & Manduca

Total value: €129

Real Family Travel Mag

Total value: US$120


Total value: US$169.99

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Posted by Robin Smith on
I so want to enter to win Prize # two but I cannot get the entry screen to come up for any prizes other than # 1.
Posted by vuthy on
great program for everyone
Posted by vuthy on
It is really great to give the people a change to understand about the other foreign countries in order to make the world peace
Posted by Jenni B on
Lovely competitions!
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