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Seeing the world from different perspectives provides an ideal atmosphere for reflection and meditation on life, society, culture, love and family. These musing are our pondering thoughts down on paper. A sort of therapy if you wish, to help digest the vast number of new experiences. Enjoy!

  • My 5 Biggest Regrets in 500 Days of Travel

    My 5 Biggest Regrets in 500 Days of Travel


    Not many families can say they have travelled the world for 500 days, although many may want to. I could have written many posts on the benefits of travel, the wonders we have experienced, the lessons we have learnt…. And I have. But what about the not so glamorous side? Aren’t you all dying to know there must be something wrong with this “enchanting” lifestyle we are living?

  • Before Travel I Never Would Have…

    Before Travel I Never Would Have…


    In the car the other day I had a travel thought. Five of them actually. It could of had something to do with the Rockmelon I cut that morning with a plastic knife. Before travel you would have never…

  • So It’s been 6 Months – Have We Learnt Anything?

    So It’s been 6 Months – Have We Learnt Anything?


    Back in May we packed up our home life in Perth, Australia and hit the road. It’s now November and we are celebrating, not only 6 months of exploration and discovery, but 200 days into our nomadic journey. I can tell you that in the last 200 days I have learnt copious amounts. And not only about my surroundings, but about myself. So where have we been for the last 200 days?

  • The Great Equality Myth

    The Great Equality Myth


    I had a crisis of conscience. How could I live in an area where the relative cost of living was so low that I could live like a king, on the backs of the lower class who made that kind of thing possible? Wasn’t that exploitation? It really made me think.

  • The Best Things In Life Aren't Things

    The Best Things In Life Aren't Things


    My husband, Josh, shares deep thoughts on minimalism: "For quite some time I had an underlying dissatisfaction with the Western consumerism-driven mindset. I found it extremely self-focused, which tended to clash with my overall worldview. But this email eloquently put into words exactly what I felt… That the best things in life aren’t things."