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Seeing the world from different perspectives provides an ideal atmosphere for reflection and meditation on life, society, culture, love and family. These musing are our pondering thoughts down on paper. A sort of therapy if you wish, to help digest the vast number of new experiences. Enjoy!

  • Unshakable Proof That Strangers Make Travel Better

    Unshakable Proof That Strangers Make Travel Better


    As we have travelled around the world over the last 4 years we’ve realized that people are kinder than we often give them credit for. Our reliance on complete strangers and people we haven’t met (in person) has blossomed since our nomadic travels started and we haven’t been let down. By and large, the human race is kind. Contrary to what you see on the news. National Pay It Forward Day is April 28th and we are showing you how #NiceTravels.

  • #motherofallroadtrips



    This is our hub for an epic 1-year road trip around the US and Canada. Find out where we've been, destination reviews, travel tips and more.

  • 31 Weird Things About the US

    31 Weird Things About the US


    How can another English-speaking country be so different? Like Santa, I’ve been keeping a list of naughty, nice and weird things that may freak out fellow Australians. Hopefully this cultural education can prevent other Aussies from looking like fools or even getting themselves into trouble. Or you could just have a laugh.

  • What Country Matches Your Personality?

    What Country Matches Your Personality?


    With 65+ countries under my belt I’ve often been asked what my favourite country is and we’ve long established we don’t have one. We have favourite experiences. But if somebody asked me where they should go on vacation, I’d assess their personality and their preferences, rather than choose my favourites.

  • 5 Reasons Why I Hate Full Body Massage

    5 Reasons Why I Hate Full Body Massage


    My husband adores massages and there are not many days that go by in Bali where he is not off searching for his next $5 full body massage. I rarely go. Give me a pedicure or some foot reflexology, but I tend to avoid the full body massage. Is it a matter of preference or is it something deeper? Maybe it’s time for a little reflection and honesty?

  • 9 Challenges Of Family Travel

    9 Challenges Of Family Travel


    What’s it really like travelling the world as a family? And in particular, what are the biggest challenges? Find out how we face and overcome those - and more importantly, how it turns out they don’t really matter anyway.

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