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Bali, Indonesia

Peekaboo Fun in Sanur, Bali

As I sit here in the Peekaboo Café watching the Balinese staff chase my giggling kids I can’t help thinking what a life I am living.

We have had a quiet week after our busy weekend of visitors. Lots of work catching up, food delivered to the premises for $5 a meal (all 4 of us) and then Tuesday we found Peekaboo.

Peekaboo is in Sanur. It’s a giant indoor playground with everything, books, instruments, swings, slides, houses, toys, ball pits, cubbies, everything! They even do classes and they have a café with free Wi-Fi for the adults.

It is about $9 entry for a 3 hour visit per child, adults free with child. You must wear socks, but they do sell them for $1 if you forget. The classes also cost money and range in price. You can checkout their website for more information.

My kids love it so we came back again on Thursday. It’s a great chance for us to do a little bit of work, while they get worn out. After their nap, we headed to Jimbaran Beach to meet a blogging couple we have connected with on the wide world web! 

You can read about our great adventures with different families from around the world in our next blog, we meet a few of them this week!


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