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In Travel With Bender's first 4 years, since launching in 2012, each article has been hand-crafted in-house.

I love sharing our first-hand advice and expertise as we travel the world. But I'll be the first to admit, I don't know everything. I am always learning and growing.

As this audience has continued to grow, I've recognised the need to bring additional experienced travel writers on board. I'm very proud to now be sharing this platform I've built with a hand-selected team of dedicated, hard-working writers who share the vision for Travel With Bender.

Josh Bender

Founder, Editor

Josh brings a wealth of knowledge to Travel With Bender, including a strong focus on inspirational, immersive storytelling through travel photography. With over 20 years of copywriting and online marketing experience, Josh's focused communication style ensures readers follow along an increasingly immersive journey with each passing sentence.

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Amanda Mouttaki

Travel Writer

Amanda is an experienced American food and travel writer and blogger. Her passion is uncovering the stories behind traditional cultures and food around the world. She lives in Marrakech, Morocco with her husband and 2 tween boys. 

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Sarah Pittard

Travel Writer

Sarah is a seasoned travel writer and mother of 2 from Toronto, Canada. Along with her two kids, she has travelled through Kenya on safari, hiked in Hawaii, galavanted through Europe, and journeyed across North America on epic road trips. She loves the organic education that travel gives her kids. And whenever she's not on the road, she's likely to be planning their next adventure.

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Amanda Keeley-Thurman

Travel Writer

Amanda is an Orange County native with a driving passion to see the world with her family. As a busy mama of 2 rambunctious kids, she and her crazy scientist husband are always looking for the next adventure... usually on a budget. Amanda is dedicated to helping families travel affordably, and more frequently, with practical, easy-to-follow tips. 

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Kelly O'Laughlin

Travel Writer

Kelly is a writer and editor of 15 years who is based in Southern California. An avid traveler, she's visited nearly 40 countries. She loves traveling slowly and throwing herself into new experiences.

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Ivana Greslikova & Gianni Bianchini

Travel Writers and Photographers

Ivana & Gianni are experienced travel writers and photographers. They focus on responsible travel and visual storytelling. They’ve been travelling full-time around the globe with carry-on backpacks and open minds since 2013.

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Natasha von Geldern

Travel Writer

Natasha is a freelance travel writer, editor and inveterate traveller from New Zealand who is passionate about making the pages of the atlas real one trip at a time. Currently based in the United Kingdom, she travels independently and adventurously, sometimes solo and often with her husband and their well-travelled daughter.

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Former Team Members

Erin Holmes (2012 - 2016)

Former Editor/Travel Writer

Erin's passion for travel and food is evident. Having visited over 70+ countries so far, Erin's wanderlust shows no signs of abating. Erin has collaborated with brands and destinations all over the globe.

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