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Czech Republic

November 2013

A small land-locked country in central Europe. Most famous for the city of Prague, which is where we based ourself for a week in November. 

We did manage to leave Prague one day for Kutna Hora, but otherwise most of our posts are based in the city. Check out the history and gothicness that makes up this wonderful city. 

  • The Uber Creepy Bone Chapel Of Kutna Hora

    The Uber Creepy Bone Chapel Of Kutna Hora

    Czech Republic

    The Bone Chapel is estimated to contain between 40,000 and 70,000 human skeletons intricately arranged to form spectacular decorations. The place was eerily quiet as silence is imposed on all visitors. You could hear a pin drop. I could hear my heart beating in my chest. I felt a disturbing appreciation filling me as I stared at the remains of people long gone and what kind of bizarre artwork they had been turned into. It’s disgustingly beautiful.

  • Our Almost Christmas In Prague

    Our Almost Christmas In Prague

    Czech Republic

    We have heard tons about Christmas in Prague and while we had already made plans for our 2013 Christmas we wanted to still have a family travel “Christmas” in the Czech Republic while we were there. Check out the Christmassy side of Prague.