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Bali, Indonesia

21 Things You Need To Know About Bali Before You Visit

This has been our 8th visit to Bali. Previously we have spent 3 days, 5 days, 10 days and now - 2 months on this ‘island of the gods’. I like to think we have learnt a thing or two and would love to share a few of these things with you. 

6 Things To Do With Kids In Bali 

  1. Waterbom Park - waterslide heaven, fun for young and old (recommended: book discounted tickets online)
  2. Ubud Cycling Tour - See the sights on a downhill trek, easy work, beautiful views
  3. Peekaboo - giant indoor playground, plus library, toys, classes
  4. Bali Bird Park & Reptile Park - great restaurant playground & crocodiles (discounted tickets)
  5. Bali Safari & Marine Park - get them to hold a tiger (discounted tickets)
  6. Lollypop Playland - indoor/outdoor playground & water fun



5 Kid-Free Adult Things To Do In Bali 

  1. Bali Quad & Canyon Tubing - ADVENTURE No 1, highly recommend
  2. Cooking class - watch, prepare and then you eat in a traditional Bali home
  3. Shop - better without tired kids
  4. Massage - much more relaxing when not entertaining tired kids
  5. Nightlife - eat, drink & be merry



4 Things To Remember About Bali Food

  1. Nasi Goreng = Rice
  2. Mie Goreng = Noodles
  3. Always drink filtered water (incl. teeth brushing & ice)
  4. Durian = Evil

Josh's favourite: Mie Goreng


3 Things To Remember When Bartering In Bali

  1. Start by offering one third of the price offered to you and don’t go over more than half the original offer.
  2. If you have had enough, walk away, the price will be given to you straight away… If not then you really know it was too cheap.
  3. If you got a black bag it means you are a hard bargainer. If you got the stripe bag then you are dubbed easy to swindle.


2 Things To Remember At Bali Airport

  1. Visa is US$35 per person, on arrival for Aussies. This gives you 30 days (updated December 2016). 
  2. To get out of Bali is 200,000RP approx. AUD$18 per person (updated April 2014). 



1 Thing Not To Do In Bali

  1. Bring, distribute, take, or leave with… any type of illegal substance (drugs)! Us Australians know a thing or two about that one. Love this sign in Ubud's Taco Casa.


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How did you know about the black/stripe bag thing? That's really funny! Great post!!! Thanks for sharing :)
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Great read xx
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You have made one mistake. You should have written...

Durian = Delicious
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You Need to update the rate to enter indonesia is now 35 USD not 25 anymore
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