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September 2013

France has never been a favourite of mine. Not even the City of Love, Paris, won my heart. Could this trip to Southern France redeem it in my eyes?

Ride with us on our road trip through Nice, Arles, Creissels and Toulouse where we find hidden caves, find joy in ancient carrousel merry go rides and discover our stolen car.

  • The French Police Stole My Car

    The French Police Stole My Car


    You have to imagine my unfathomable shock when I saw this car park filled with fruit and vegetable stands as far as they eye could see. Hang on a minute; I parked my car in that car park. Didn’t I?

  • Aven Armand: The French Cave With The Biggest…

    Aven Armand: The French Cave With The Biggest…


    We were sitting around having dinner one night when Mia presented us with a bunch of tourist brochures, a majority of them in French. One of them caught my eye; it was a cave system in France. Seeing as our last cave experience in Puerto Rico was such a let down, I flicked the brochure aside and continued to eat my dinner. However, a few other people at the table picked up the brochure and started actually getting excited. This cave was known for the world’s biggest and longest...