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Johor, Malaysia

November 2012

Johor is a Malaysian state, located in the southern portion of Peninsular Malaysia. It is one of the most developed states in Malaysia and I would say can claim to be Malaysia's newest theme park capital. 

We decided to visit Johor after we heard that the new Legoland had opened. On top of that Hello Kitty theme park and the Big Little Club staring Thomas the Tank Engine & Angelina Ballerina had also opened up. This made it sound like the perfect place to spend a few days. 

How wrong we were! We could have spent much longer in this bustling little KL, only 45 mins from Singapore. It's a place we would love to go back to. 

  • Legoland Malaysia – Asia’s First & It’s a Winner!

    Legoland Malaysia – Asia’s First & It’s a Winner!

    Johor, Malaysia

    If there was ever a land to be picked to visit for me it wouldn’t have been Legoland. We don’t own Lego, I don’t build Lego, I never even dreamed of what a town made of Lego could be. But the idea of visiting this brand new theme park in Johor had me intrigued and on impulse we decided it would be worth the flight. AND BOY WAS IT!

  • The 6 Lands of Legoland Malaysia

    The 6 Lands of Legoland Malaysia

    Johor, Malaysia

    There are 6 different themed lands that make up Legoland Malaysia. Here is my play by play for each one that we visited. Take the time to read if you plan on visiting with kids... That way you can form a plan of action!

  • Poo Calamity at Little Big Club

    Poo Calamity at Little Big Club

    Johor, Malaysia

    It was hard work to find out about this place in Johor. There is no clear web presence, no signage on the way and well, i guess for a brand new theme park it has a long way to come. But I will always remember it as the day my 3 year old got stuck in the Thomas the Tank play area and had a toilet calamity.