Show Me The Money!

One of the first things we get asked when we meet new folks is “how the heck (or insert colourful word here) can you afford to do this crazy open-ended travel?”.

This is usually followed by another question, “Did you win lotto?”. The short answer is “no”.

If your dream is to travel around the world as well, or you’re just curious how this unbelievable lifestyle is actually possible, then we would like to help you.

No, that does not mean we’re going to hand out wads of cash to use on your trip, but the next best thing. Actually, it’s even more valuable than money. Keep reading.

Our ultimate goal with this blog is to inspire you to get out and travel. Discover the world, letting it transform you and enlarge your perspective on life. But how can you do that without cold hard cash? How will you earn a living if you give up your job? How much does all this cost?

As we’ve met other travellers it became clear that there is no one right answer to these questions. So we asked them how they generate an income as they travel, what expenses they have, and how to effectively manage finances. The answers to these will astonish you, and hopefully, provide inspiration.

These interviews will submerse you with wads of useful insights, reams of closely-guarded secrets, and truckloads of practical tips from real people travelling the world. We have interviewed them with the questions that few are willing to ask, but everyone wants to know. We ask them to…

“Show me the money!”

 This revealing blog series lifts the curtain and gives you everything you could ask for, holding absolutely nothing back, and answering all your questions so you can find the resources you need to travel.

You may be surprised to find it’s easier than you first thought.

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