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Bahamas Island Cruise

Jan 2013

When we got a deal we couldnt resist we were thrilled to be cruising through the Bahamas. Officially the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, it is a country consisting of more than 3,000 islands, cays and islets in the Atlantic Ocean.

We hopped on board the Carnival Sensation for 4 nights travelling to Freeport & Nassau. Join us as we discover these magical islands and all they have to offer. 

  • The Absurd $250 We Spent for 3 Hours at Atlantis Aquadventure on Paradise Island

    The Absurd $250 We Spent for 3 Hours at Atlantis Aquadventure on Paradise Island

    The Bahamas

    Have you ever been so scared your legs start shaking? Your hands get clammy, your throats gets dry. And what seconds before seemed like a great idea, suddenly seems foolish and irrational. A scream erupts deep in the dark tunnel and then a flashing light turns from red to green. I cross my legs, fold my arms, close my eyes and scream. The water pounds on me as I slide down the Leap of Faith through a dark twisting tunnel into a transparent tunnel surrounded with hungry, swimming sharks. It’s over, it’s not the end. And suddenly what seemed scary and frightening a few seconds before now just seems trivial.

  • Cruising the Bahamas on Carnival Sensation

    Cruising the Bahamas on Carnival Sensation

    The Bahamas

    It’s a beautiful sunny day. I am sitting in Serenity, the 21+ pool area. There are screams from the nearby waterslide and snoring from an old man on the deck chair beside me. I am overlooking the back of the boat. I can see Nassau, Bahamas & Paradise Island with a very large and very pink hotel known as Atlantis. My heart is pumping slowly. My belly is full. It’s so nice to sit and do nothing after two weeks of road tripping. There’s palm trees swaying gently in the ocean breeze. Seagulls circling the boat searching for a free meal. The water is bright aqua-marine and constantly laps at the boat enticing me in, but I’ve already swam today and yesterday and for now I am content to sit on my lounge chair with my kindle to one side and my laptop to the other and let you know about my musings of my cruise through the Bahamas.