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Living The Dream

Living the Dream: You Don’t Need As Much Stuff As You Think You Do

Talon and his son have been travelling for just under 3 years and we have been running in the same social nomadic circles for at least 2. 1 Dad 1 Kid is a great blog that will inspire the single parents out there to start Living The Dream.

Talon & Tigger

What was the first country you visited? Who with and why did you choose it?

We began our nomadic life in Mexico. My son had never been there and expressed an interest to go there. We had also just started scuba diving, and parts of Mexico have phenomenal diving, so I figured that would be fun. But also he had some anxiety issues and sensory processing problems, and I felt like Mexico would be a good place to ease him into international travel.


When did you start a travel lifestyle? What inspired that change?

I’ve always loved traveling, but we began indefinite travel in May 2011, almost 3 years ago. I’ve worked in trauma, intensive care, and hospice for years, and after being at the bedside of so many dying people, I had determined to live my life more fully and to have no regrets. After meeting another traveling family in Peru in 2010, I decided I wanted to do more traveling with my son. As I planned, the trip got longer and longer, and I finally asked myself “If you can do it for six months, why do you need a return date?” So it became indefinite.



Do you have a base you travel from? Or is it continuous travel? And why do you choose that style?

Right now we do continuous travel, although we go at a slower pace than some people. We’ve been in our current country for 2 months and have stayed as long as 8 months in a city. Since we’ve been doing this for a while, and my son is approaching the teenage years, we’re now looking to have a more long-term base so that we can have more of a sense of community while we continue to travel and explore. We’ll probably stay on this continent for another 2 years or so before we head back to the other hemisphere to visit the countries we missed when we were there last.

We just really enjoying the nomadic life, and it’s cheaper to travel when you don’t have a base, i.e., an apartment you have to pay rent on while you’re away. It also makes it easier to hop from one place to another.



How do you fund your travel lifestyle? Is it something you do when travelling or are you a saver?

I have a few different income streams. I work online as we travel (mostly writing), and occasionally I also work as a scuba instructor.


If you could tell yourself one tip before you started your travel lifestyle, what would it be?

You really don’t need as much stuff as you think you might.


What does 'living the dream' mean to you? 

I think “living the dream” is an overused phrase, but to me it would mean living life on my own terms, which is exactly what we’re doing.

You can find Talon & Tigger Here -

Website: 1 Dad, 1 Kid, 1 Crazy Adventure

Twitter: @1Dad1Kid

Giving my son the world. Inspiring people to live their dreams.

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Posted by Christy Garrett @ Uplifting Families on
I would love to know how you make ends meet while travelling continuously? Also, what about schooling your children? Traveling continuously looks so much fun but as a mother of three it seems impossible.
Posted by Cheryl & Lisa on
Could not agree more: "You really don’t need as much stuff as you think you might." We are long-term travelers as well and just stopped in at home for the holidays. We were shocked by how much stuff we still had at home vs the 1 bag we each had for the last 2 years on the road! I look through this "stuff" and realize it really is not a need at all. Nice article - we enjoy following you both around on this nomadic journey!
Posted by Erin on
Thanks for writing.
We actually did the very first Living The Dream series and you could find some answers in there:
As for schooling we left when both our kids were 2 & 3 so they haven’t needed it… To keep going we are contemplating home schooling. Or un-schooling.
It’s certainly not impossible. Just see how many others have been doing it.
Hope to feature you one day! :D
Posted by Savi of Bruised Passports on
Talon you're terribly inspiring, as always. Hope you 2 continue to have an amazing time on your travels :-)
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