Marysia is a Polish girl with a passion for travelling. She has a great comic writing skills and a real foodie. She may not know what Living The Dream means yet, but she really is trying to figure it out and has participated in our series to help you decide as well.

Living The Dream: Your Dream, Not Another's

Living The Dream


What was the first country you visited? Who with and why did you choose it?

I think the first country I have visited must be Germany or Czech Republic with my parents when I was a kid, so it was not my conscious choice ha ha ha

Maybe I can tell you about my first serious trip from which I consider my big travel lifestyle begun. My best friend and I decided we would go for a big trip, a big adventure!  We were open to suggestions when it comes to destination. Asia, South America, something warm and crazy was what we were looking for. We end up going for 2 months to Southeast Asia. Thailand,Cambodia and Laos more about this trip in the answer for question no 2 :)

When did you start a travel lifestyle? What inspired that change?

It was back in January of 2008, after the Asian Trip (Thailand, Cambodia and Laos). This trip was somehow a breaking point in my life. I have always loved travelling, I have lived in Spain and London, but after those two months in Asia I have realized that traveling is what I want to do in life! My real passion for which I have been looking for so long and now after 6 years I can say a total addiction as well.

I can't really say what precisely was a reason of my decision. Was it the people, the beauty of the countries, the sense of a big adventure or the feeling of overwhelming freedom but I have never felt so much in place and at peace with myself before. I have cried on my way back, didn't sleep even for a minute on the flight back from Bangkok and decided that this is a start of a new chapter in my life.


Do you have a base you travel from? Or is it continuous travel? And why do you choose that style?

The longest continuous trip in my life, was last year. Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia and Iran. 4,5 months. Every now and then I go back to Poland (my base), as I can't imagine missing all important family events, weddings, birthday parties of my cute nephews and friends gather ups. Sometimes I think it would be amazing just to go for 2-3 years around the world, but I do not want to loose connection with my family, friends and my life in Europe :) I like it too much :)

I love my family and I love coming back home, going for weekends with my friends or skiing trips with my parents. I love traveling, actually as I have mentioned before I'm totally addicted to it but my beloved ones have always been more important to me than anything else. And for them I'm ready to fly back from Thailand, India or Chile, change my flight 4 times or drive for hours in the snow just to get home for Christmas or Easter.

How do you fund your travel lifestyle? Is it something you do when travelling or are you a saver?

I'm definitely not a saver, unfortunately ha ha ha I love extreme sports like para gliding, diving, anything that rise adrenaline's level in my blood. And raise it high! I'm always ready to say yes to the adventure.

Another thing I always spend my money for is food, I'm a total foodie. I love food, I love discovering new flavors, restaurants, holes in the walls, and good cooks if someone is willing to cook for me of course :) So if you see one happy Girl sipping wine over some nice venison in Michelin starred restaurant or waiting patiently in the huge queue just to try best tacos in Brooklyn that can be me. Don't be shy and say hello, I love talking to people :) ha ha ha

And last but not least are scarves, I love buying and wearing them, I have never enough. I adore all colors and patterns; there is no better souvenir in the world for me. Every single time I wear one I get to think about country I got it in and that always brings me some nice memories and a very positive energy right on the start of the day :)


If you could tell yourself one tip before you started your travel lifestyle, what would it be?

I know it may sounds trivial and cliché but simply do not wait, do not let any obstacles to keep you away from what you want to do in life, no matter what it is that you are aiming for, travel, family or Hollywood fame. As for travel lifestyle, be prepared for a total immersion and change that will be permanent in your life. A change that may influence your life in a way you do not even imagine now.

What does 'Living The Dream' mean to you?

I love that you are asking what does it means for me. It is important to understand that 'Living The Dream' means completely different things for different people. It really annoys me when people saying I'm living the dream or she is living the dream, they do, but they live their dream, you need to make a mind about yours and I promise it won't be the same :)

To be frank I don't know yet what does it means for me, I think I'm still searching and making my mind. I love travel, it is my addiction and my lifestyle but maybe few more details like potential partner, place of living, and a job are to be decided. Ha ha ha or maybe I will just be traveling till end of my days like I do now :)


You can find Marysia Here-

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Crazy Polish Girl, traveler by heart, jet setter, explorer. Dedicated to exploring the world in search of unique places, amazing people and immersing stories.

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I have done that crying-on-the-way-home thing too. Sometimes the tear ducts just know what you want. ;)

Deia @ Nomad Wallet Jan 12th, 2014

Ha ha ha, indeed, those were tears that really changed me. Not like all the others which just make your eyes puffy! :)

Marysia @ My Travel Affairs Jan 16th, 2014

nice blog guys keep it up...

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