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We Said Go Travel

Interviewed at BlogHer by We Said Go Travel


Hanging out with travel at BlogHer 

Salamander Voyages

Travel tips

Polka Dot

Honeymoon destinations


Travel tips

Wicked Walkabout

Australian travel bloggers

Miss Tam Chiak

Best food around the world

Contented Traveller

Best Food In Travel

Visit Florida

Partnered with Visit Florida


Best family travel bloggers


Travelling Moms you just have to read

The Island Logic

Why Travel Bloggers Fail

Travo Blog

Top travel do’s and don’ts


30 best travel blogs


Top Adventure Travel Bloggers


Feature on WildJunket

Anamika Ojha

Where to take Dad

Travel Babbo

Best Instagrammers

R WeThereYetMom?

Best National parks - Best List of National Parks in the United States

Maavalan Travels

Best Travel apps - Travel Experts share the Best Travel Apps they cannot live without!

eyewitness DASHCAMS

Road trip hacks - 17 Seasoned travelers share their best road trip hacks

Eva Explores

Best Travel Snap Chatters

The Gift of Travel

Interview with TWB

Girl On The Move

Speaking engagement - Blogging Lessons I Learned from WITS


MSN Feature - 7 secrets of booking a cheap flight, from a family that has been traveling the world for over 3 years

Two Monkeys Travel Group

Best Travel Bloggers to follow in 2016

Elite Daily

Elite Daily - 14 Pieces Of Travel Advice Everyone Gives, But You Should Never Take

Cool Kidz Cool Trips

Toronto with kids

Where’s Sharon

Cheapest Flights on Where’s Sharon

American Express Essentials

Expert Tip for American Express

iTrip Vacations

Expert tip - 11 Travel Expert Tips: Basic Tricks and Secrets


Article on us

Globelink International

Interview - Expert’s Advice: Non-stop Travelling Interview with Bender Family

Discover Corp

Best Family Travel Blogs by Discover Corp


Article on us Família de viajantes dá dicas para comprar passagens baratas

Daily News

Featured in an article on 7 ways to find great places to stay for cheap, from a family that has been traveling the world for over 3 years

Business Insider

Business Insider reveals our 7 secrets to Vacation Accommodation

Hungary Photo Tours

Renowned Travel Blogger on Hungarians

The Network Niche

Example on Making Money From Blogging


Best Aussie Bloggers on Cruising

Holiday Lettings

Best place for a Babymoon - we pick Greece for Holiday Lettings

Voucher Codes Pro

Contribute to Best Beaches by Best Bloggers

Man On The Lam

Most viral content - Top 100 travel blogs posts of 2015 by Social Media

Daily Mail

Featured Interview on Daily Mail

Adventure Awaits

Most inspirational travel blogs

Turnip Seed Travel

Pancake National Day

Credit Donkey

Best family travel blog

Business Insider

Featured Interview on Business Insider - How to book a cheap flight

Princes Off The Grid

Best Travel Tips


Flipkey voted us one of the most well travelled Travel Bloggers

Family Travel Magazine

Our feature on the Icefields Parkway

Yonder Bound

Apps you must have for travel

The Babyvine

Featured in an article on Travelling With Kids

Lifestyle Fifty

Referenced for our Dengue fever article


Top Family Travel blogger


Top Australian travel blogger

Grassroots Nomad

As a highlight speaker at WITS

Traveling Canucks

Top travel blogger with an epic adventure

Forbes Magazine

Family travel expert on 2016 budget destinations

All Ways Tailormade

Featured in an article Australia Holidays in 2016: Where you should be going according to the experts

Credit Walk

Featured in an article on Family Travel: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Villas 4 Kids

Featured in an article on Family Travel Experts Share How To Pack

Malay Mail Online

Click on the paper for Saturday Oct 17  Flip to page 23

Forbes Magazine

Feature interview in Forbes magazines

Nine MSN

Article on us How are we saving 60% of income by travelling the world

Story V

Featured in an article on How To Make Money Whilst Travelling The World

Yahoo Finance

Article on us How are we saving 60% of income while tarvelling

Aussie On The Road

Featured in an article on “I’m Too Shy” & 25 Other Bullshit Excuses Not to Travel

The Crowded Planet

Featured in an article on Eurail Pass Tips

Blogging Edge

Featured in an article How to Approach Bloggers

For the Love of Wanderlust

Featured in an article on 89 Travel Bloggers Share Their Favorite Natural Sites on Earth

Our Whole Village

Shared our views in an article on Top Family Travel Experiences for 2016

A World To Travel

Featured in an article on Top Travel Bloggers Pick Their Most Memorable NYE Destinations

Great Big Globe

Featured in an article on Travel Blogs you MUST read in 2016

Canyon Tours

Featured in an article on 11 Sights You Can’t Miss at the Grand Canyon, According to the Experts.

Hotel Club

Proud moment for us. Honoured as Australia's top travel bloggers of 2015.

Survey Bee

Honoured to be one of the Awesome 30 Review Bloggers One Should Follow Now

Little Earthling Blog

Article on us "Travel with Bender comes to dinner" when we met a family in Washington.


Featured in an article on Top 10 Dog-Friendly New England Vacation Rentals

Yahoo Travel

Featured in an article on 14 Amazing Road Trips Around the World

Matador Network

Featured in an article on Is “back to school” feeling stagnant? Meet families taking education on the road.

Olanka Travels

Share our thoughts in an article on Places to Visit in Sri Lanka: Tips from Top Travel Experts


Featured in article on How To Plan A Vacation The Right Way

Total Croatia

Featured in an article on What World Travel Bloggers Say About Croatia

Dubois County Free Press

Featured in an article on Travelers impressed with Dubois County and regional tourism offerings

The Herald Dubois County

Featured in an article Travel writers welcome hospitality, scenery

News Now Dubois County

Featured on Local TV News as Guest Travel Writer


Featured in article Travel writers tour Fort Wayne on Local TV News Wane

International Business Times

Featured in an article on Gamechangers: CBeebies, ice cream and animals will help you avoid a summer hell-iday

Family Vehicle Guide

Featured in an article on 20 Top Family Travel Blogs for 2015 – Get Inspired and Take Action!


Featured in an article on 7 Family Travel Bloggers to Follow

Where's Sharon?

Featured in an article on The Ultimate List of the Best USA States to Visit with Kids


We are on the list of Top 50 Travel Bloggers by Travelocafe

The Expeditioner

Honoured to be one of The Top 50 Travel Blogs. Proud Moment.

Globetrotting Mama

Featured in an article on Road Trip Tales

Flashpacker Family

Featured in an article on Travelling With My Kids Changed Me: 11 Moms & Dads Share How

Baby Gizmo

Featured in a YouTube Video by Baby Gizmo on Sh**t Moms Say When Leaving Their Kids

Times & Transcript

Proud moment for us. Featured on Front Page News On Telegraph Journal.

Travel by Blog

Featured in an article on World's Best Places To Write A Travel Blog

Paradise by Marriott

Wrote an article by Erin on 3 Sacred Sites You Must Visit While in Cancun

Nomad Revelations

Honored to be one of the List of Top 2300 Travel Blogs On The Internet. We are No. 2 in Family Travel Blog.

Luxe Recess

Share our thoughts in an article on Tips From Family Road Trip Queens

Our Oyster

Share our thoughts in an article A Year of Little Known Festivals for Your Travel Bucket List

Baby Globetrotters

Share our thoughts in an article Baby Globetrotters Recommend

Yahoo Travel Explorers

Featured in an article 14 Amazing Road Trips Around the World

Trip Advisor

Featured in an article 25 Family Travel Bloggers Share Their #1 Vacation Destinations

Wonderful Wanderings

Share our thoughts in an article Travel bloggers share their first impressions of Belgium

Mapping Megan

Featured in an article Travel Injuries: The Worst And Most Embarassing Travelers Tell All

Credit Walk

Share our thoughts in an article Dear Nora: 19 Cautionary Tales About House-Sitting

McCool Travel

Featured in an article 16 Fabulous Road Trips Around the World


Featured in an article 100+ Travel Apps and Resources for 2014

Huffington Post

Read '20 Ways to Keep Your Money Safe While Traveling' & check out number 8

Bloomberg Business

Featured in an article The top long-term travel blogs for every type of voyager

Ubud Property

Read our article on The Real Cost Of Living In Ubud, Bali For 1 Month

Our Oyster

Share our thoughts in an article Where in the World is… The Best Place to Eat? A Foodie Travel Bucket List

Arrows Sent Forth

We are featured in post Tips For Visiting Legoland Windsor.

Contented Traveller

Featured in a fun article, Top Travel Bloggers share their cheesiest photos

Atlas Choice

What makes a cherished holiday moment? We asked, you told us!

Tinggly Journal

Featured in an article on - Travelers share lessons they learned while traveling


Contribute our thoughts on Flipkey

Tempting East Travel Network


Five Dollar Traveller

Kids won’t kill your travel freedom dreams – Travel With Bender (podcast)

Little Grey Box

Featured in an article on Travel Bloggers Share: Our #1 Travel Hacks

Tinggly Journal

Featured in an article on The ultimate list of online travel planning resources as recommended by travelers

Viator Travel Blog

Ambassador of 2015 Viator Blogger

Cool Kidz Cool Trips

Featured in an article on 13 Great Family Experiences For Your Bucket List

She Lives Free

Featured in an article on What She Really Wants for Mother’s Day: Real Moms Tell All!

Travel Age West

Our Blog featured as the 6 Family Travel Blogs to Follow Now

National Geographic Traveller (UK)

Featured us in an article on Best of the travel blogs: March 2015

Gobi Gear

Featured on Gobi Gear Blog - How To Never Have An OOPS Moment Again

em hawker Blog

Featured in an article on Seven things I learnt from the Melbourne

Deal Checker

Labelled us as a Top 11 Socially Savvy Travel Bloggers

Cheap Flights

Featured on an Article - Blogger Picks: Favourite Places in Bali


Featured in an article - 89 Travel Experts Reveal Their Best Travel Apps

Mapping Megan

Featured in an article The Sexiest Female Travelers Alive 2014

Our Oyster

Share our thoughts in an article The World’s Most Epic Road Trips

little GREY BOX

Our thoughts on Travel Bloggers Share: Why we travel!

Active Planet Travels

Featured in the post 5 Guides to Mexico: A Breakdown by Travel Bloggers

Visit Bulgaria

One of our post in news 6 Places To Visit On Your Road Trip In Bulgaria


Featured in an article The Best Food Tours in the World

Time Travel Turtle

The image capture love of Josh featured in an article Getting Ready for #Outdoors Finland

HolidayLettings.co.uk from tripadvisor

Featured in an article Top 20 Family Travel Bloggers – 2015

The Wanderlust Scout

Featured in the post Top 7 Australian Travel Blogs That Inspire Me

Backpack Me

Featured in an article #STREETFOOD Around the World

Mapping Megan

Mia and Caius featured in an article as The Cutest Traveling Kids of 2014

Try Convene

Our thoughts in an article on 89 Travel Experts Reveal Their Best Travel Apps

Blogger Picks

Featured in an article Blogger Picks: Favourite Places in Bali

Traveling Canucks

Featured in an article 40 Epic Adventures by Travel Bloggers in 2014

Mapping Megan

Featured, our dog Snuffy, in an article Sexiest Travelling Pets Alive 2014

Walking on Travels

Featured in a post about 'Budget Travel is a Relative Term for Families' in response to a New York Times post on (ridiculous) budget travel.

I Luv 2 Globe Trot

Featured as Globe-Trotter of the month

Metropolitan Mama

Part of the Best Airline for Families interview series.


Featured as a professional travelers on 25 Hotel Hacks From Professional Travelers.


We were nominated for an Emerging 2014 AusMumpreneur Award.

The Fairytale Traveler

Point 6 of her Travel Smarts From the Most Heavily Traveled People in the World post was written by us - The Best Sites for Awesome Sleeps Without Going Broke


Voices of 2014 top 5 Beauty & Lifestyle bloggers.

Travel Writing 2.0 Blog

Quoted in Summer Round-Up: Best Travel Writing Advice So Far This Year


Used our tips us on their 60 Camping Tips for Beginners.

Travelling With The Cooks

Sourced as the inspiration for their own journey on their about us page

Solo Mom Takes Flight

Josh featured in this Father’s Day special.


alongside 11 other bloggers mums share the most important things to teach kids


1 of 10 travelling families that will inspire you.

Winner PreTraveller

Number 15 on the top Australian and New Zealand Blogs.

Go Travel Your Way

Quoted in a post - 14 reasons to visit Malaysia in 2014.


Featured as inspiration on a trip to Ambergris Caye.

Guess This City 

Featured our picture - Pictures from around world at 30,000 feet.

Mapping Megan

 Featured us in a post - Travel Apps You Should Download.

Travel Photo Discovery

Featured our Photograph - Photo travel destinations to visit in 2014.

Active Planet Travels

Featured us in post - 8 Guides to the Caribbean: A Breakdown by Travel Bloggers.

Mapping Megan

Featured on Inspiring Travel Blogs of 2013.

Visit Flyover Country

Featured as favourite post on 2013: Year in Review.

Adventures of a Goodman

Featured as a favourite link.

Food Blogger Connect

Featured us - Call yourself a food blogger? Actually No!

Hostel World

Nominated for - The story that makes your mouth water most.

Winner circle of moms

Top 25 Family Blogs By Moms 2013.

Blogger At Large

One of favourite blogs.

Are We There Yet?



Featured us here - Travel Bloggers on Our Top Destinations.

Hostelworld Travel Blog

We won one of Hostel World's most inspirational blog.

Living The Dream

 10,000+ Twitter Accounts Focused on Travel!

Wagoners Abroad

Featured on an Article - A Fortnight Of Friends.

Red Tricycle

Winner from over 200,000 votes! Summed up what makes Travel with Bender awesome - Inside the Totally Awesome Travel with Bender with Erin Bender.


Mentioned in Null & Fulls post - Outdoor Activities In Western Ireland.

Roaming Cooking

Highlighted in Roaming Cooking's Bangkok cooking classes post.

Move Hub

Honoured to be one of 100+ Travel Apps and Resources for 2014.

Backpacking Spirit Blog

We are featured in the post The Week I Met My Tribe: 5 Things I’ll Never Forget From TBEX Dublin.

Helen in Wonderlust

Featured in the post A Toast to the Travel Blogging Community.

Walking West

Bloggers in the Mist! Attended the Travel Bloggers Exchange Conference (the world’s largest event for online travel journalists and travel industry companies).

Arrows Sent Forth

We are featured in post - http://www.arrowssentforth.com/2013/09/advice-naps-kids-travel.html

The Barefoot nomad

Featured in article  20 helpful tips for getting the most out of your trip from top travel bloggers.

Suitcases and Sippycups

We were featured on The 20 Most Intriguing Abandoned Places Around the World: A Collaborative Post.


We were featured in the Favourite Beach Photo Carnival.


Featured in an article on Great American Roadside Attractions

R we there yet Mom?

Featured in a fun and informative article, 50 Great Road Trip Tips

Suitcase Stories

We are featured in their Nature’s Best Photo Essay.

Albany Kid

A list of local experts, family travel blogs, sorted by region. We are under worldwide! 

Capturing La Vita

Featured us in an article on travelling without kids. 

Winner Capturing la Vita!

The 50 All Time Coolest, Most Inspirational Travel Blogs Ever 2012.

Winner Little Steps!

Best Mum & Dad Blogs of Asia 2013.

All in an Iowa Mom's Day

Labelled us as a great resource for a Bahamas cruise - It Is Time To Leave Winter Behind and Cruise With Carnival Cruise Lines.


Read 'ten reasons to travel with your kids while they are young' & check out reason number 8: Caius with our staff in Ubud - August 2012.

Walking on Travels

Our beautiful Dome of the Rock photo featured on a Sarong article - Travel Essentials: The Pashmina.

Strangers Partying in Penang

As we wrote about all the families we met with in Penang, so did they. You can find mention of us on any of their blogs. I must say it's so interesting reading the other side of the story!

Live Deliberately 

We are featured in this new book, by Greg & Rachel Denning, on How To Create A Ridiculously Awesome Life. Find our story under Principle 12 - Funding the Dream.

Travel Lady With A Baby

Finds us "entertaining, inspirational, a great resource & so much fun."

Go Big or Go Home Blog

Check out our trick photo from Capitol in Washington on this Halloween special.

Eating London Tours

Finds us Unique things to do in London