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Travel Gear

Travelling the world has become so much easier with the latest generation of computers, mobiles and electronics.

We use our electronics for everything from calculating exchange rates to mapping our journey to editing photos & video. Here are the gadgets, mobile and computer gear we use and recommend.

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MacBook Pro/Air

The workhorse for us, it does everything. Email, blogging, travel planning and communication. Erin uses the 13" Macbook Air while I have a 13" Macbook Pro which houses more grunt for photo editing and video production. They're perfect for travel - light and sturdy. If you're looking for the lightest, I'd recommend the new Macbook.

Latest price (Macbook Pro): Amazon, B&H, Adorama

Latest price (Macbook Air): Amazon, B&H, Adorama

Magic Mouse

While I'm ruthless when it comes to shedding unnecessary weight from our luggage, a mouse is an essential accessory when it comes to productivity. If you're just sending the occasional email or surfing the web, this is something you can do without. But for photo editing, video editing or heavy social media usage, this is my magic wand.

Latest price: Amazon, B&H, Adorama

iPad Grip Case

Our kids put their iPad through the mill and this durable case can handle anything they throw at it... or anywhere they throw it. The handles make it easy for small hands to hold the iPad and absorb shocks and drops. An essential accessory for any parent's peace of mind.

Latest price: Amazon, B&H

Kindle Fire Kids Edition

What I like the most about this low-cost tablet is the parental controls that means our kids have to spend a certain amount of time reading before their games are activated. And Amazon provide a no-questions-asked guarantee that if your kids break it Amazon will replace it.

Latest price: Amazon, B&H

Powerbank & USB cables

I use Infinitive brand cables and accessories which you can find at any Walgreens store. High quality cables make all the difference since we're charging our devices every day.

Latest price: Walgreens

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There's a good reason this smartphone has won critical acclaim, the hardware is beefy, the camera is one of the best in the market and it looks sleek. We use our smartphones for everything - email, social media, calendar, exchange rates, maps, research, hotel bookings and more.

Latest price: Amazon, B&H

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External Hard Drives

We use 2 external 2TB Toshiba hard drives - one for photo/video storage and the other for backups. 

Latest price: Amazon, B&H, Adorama

6-Port USB Charger

To reduce the bulk and weight of multiple USB power adapters, this nifty gadget charges up to 6 devices from 1 power point. Best of all it pumps out 50 Watts 10A of power for super fast charging.

Latest price: Amazon

Power Adapter

A standard fixture in any traveller's bag. We carry at least 2 power adapters for the powerboard and USB charger. Keep in mind this is not a transformer - it will not change the voltage of the power supply. However, most electronics we carry are rated for 110-220 volts which means we don't need a transformer - a simple adapter like this will do the job.

Latest price: Amazon

Acer Chromebook C720

This low-cost laptop is perfect for our kids. They use it for homeschooling so Erin and I can use our laptops at the same time, and while this is not the lightest laptop on the market, it's cheap enough that if they damage it, I won't lose sleep.

Latest price: Amazon, B&H

Tep Wireless + Unlimited Internet

Since we started using this miracle device, our travels have become so much easier. We're no longer searching for a SIM card to topping up credit. It's just plug and play and we can connect smartphones, laptops and tablets to the Internet with ease. So easy and lasts the whole day - even with 2 heavy users sharing it.

Latest price: Tep Wireless

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Road Warrior Power Board

This power board is thin, light, durable and supports any power plug input. Since our phones, tablets and e-readers are charged via the 6-port USB charger, the only electronics left to charge are laptops and cameras, so we can do just fine with only 3 power outputs.

Latest price: Amazon

Energizer Battery Charger

Gadgets and gizmos like wireless mice and kids toys require batteries, so this charger helps keep the power flowing. Since it supports both AAA sizes and folds into a small, compact unit, it's a permanent fixture in our travels.

Latest price: Amazon, B&H

Kindle Paperwhite 

Erin's go-to e-reader. It has an awesome battery life and works just as well in sunshine or low-light. And definitely weighs less than a paperback book - but can hold your entire library. A very important factor when travelling.

Latest price: Amazon, B&H

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Watching our favourite movies and TV shows on the road is easy and takes up almost no space in our bags. We've used the Apple TV and Chromecast during our travels but the Amazon Fire TV Stick is our favourite in terms of size and functionality. The version with voice remote is even better, and if you have the space, the full-size Fire TV is neat.

Latest price: Amazon, B&H