Infinitive At Walgreens Review: Cables To The Rescue

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There are few things that travel with me (excluding family) that are more important than electronics – cameras, laptops, tablets, and phones. I could survive a month with 1 pair of clothes, but if my phone goes flat, I’ll be lost. Quite literally.

We are now well into our epic 12-month #motherofallroadtrips across the US and Canada. Thousands of miles already traversed, and still thousands more to go. 

I was recently asked to put Walgreen’s new Infinitive electronics accessories to the test and they’ve kept us moving without skipping a beat.

Infinitive Powerbank saving the day at Big White, British Columbia

I’ve been stuck before. Walking through a new city, navigating via Google Maps on my phone, and the battery runs out. Ugh! Or connecting my phone to a laptop, and the USB cable just plain ‘ol stops working. All the jiggling in the world can’t save it. It can be downright frustrating, but even worse, a big waste of time trying to find a replacement.

Infinitive brand accessories at Walgreens include over 100 products - USB cables, memory cards, powerbanks, car phone mounts and more. Recently I tried a handful of these: 

  • Powerbank
  • Car vent phone mount
  • Car windshield phone mount
  • Smartphone/camera compact tripod
  • 32GB USB flash drive
  • 16GB MicroSDHC memory card
  • Mini + micro USB cable
  • 10ft micro USB cable
  • Three-pack micro USB cables

Things I like about Infinitive accessories:

Easy to find… at any Walgreens

You usually don’t have to look too hard to find your nearest Walgreens.

Mini + micro USB cable

Built to last

Because I rely on my accessories every day they need to hold up even in demanding conditions – on top of a mountain, on a boat, at the beach... wherever our adventures go. All Infinitive products are certified by Apple and lab tested for safety.

Ready right now

The most frustrating part of buying a powerbank is having to charge it the first time. The Infinitive Powerbank comes pre-charged so it’s ready to use straight away. Instant gratification. 

Reasonably priced

Infinitive accessories cost around 20-25% less than other branded competitors. A dollar saved is a dollar earned.

The right size

With Christmas coming up, these accessories make the perfect stocking stuffers.

Things I don’t like:

A little more guidance would be helpful

While electronics accessories are usually pretty self-explanatory, the packaging would be more useful if it included a couple diagrams. For example, the car windshield phone mount features a spring-loaded extendable arm to hold the phone snuggly in place. But it’s tricky to tell which one of the arms is extendable, and I only found out by trial and error.

The Bottom Line

Infinitive accessories have lived up to my high expectations and unrelenting demands, so I can give them my thumbs up. I’m confident they will continue to help us go wherever the road takes leads… and beyond.

While I was invited to be involved in the #InfinitiveAtWalgreens campaign and compensated for my time, all opinions and gags are my own.

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Where to buy: Find nearest store

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