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  • 365 Days of Unbeatable Experiences

    365 Days of Unbeatable Experiences

    May 15, 2013 Highlights

    Over the last year we have had many firsts. Some I would rather forget, but many I will always recall. When we meet people and they ask us our favourite stories of travelling, these are the top 5 I always find myself repeating.

  • 365 Days of Beaches

    365 Days of Beaches

    May 3, 2013 Highlights

    We love the beach. We lived by a beautiful beach back home in Australia. And while the Great White’s have given me some good, clear water terror I am still drawn to the magnificent ocean. So what are our favourite beaches?

  • 365 Days of Transport

    365 Days of Transport

    Apr 30, 2013 Highlights

    With our travelversairy coming up I wanted to write a series of reflective posts on our best ofs & our worst ofs that we have experienced over the last 365 days of travel. The first one I was excited to do was to write about all the types of transport we …