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We love the beach. We lived by a beautiful beach back home in Australia. And while the Great White’s (or rather Jaws) have given me some good, clear water terror I am still drawn to the magnificent ocean.

During our travels we have visited beaches in many countries. Which ones? Let’s see from 5 May 2012 to 5 May 2013: Bali, Singapore, Kota Kinabulu, Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand, Penang, USA, Bahamas, Mexico, Belize, Eastern Caribbean, and Puerto Rico.

So what are our favourite beaches? We discussed this in length with several people and the deciding factors were kid friendly, easy to get to, warm weather, shade, clear water, white sand and our overall fun time there. Check them out:

1. St Kitts


The Caribbean is legendary for it’s crystal water and St Kitts was our favourite. We visited Friars Beach, which had the calmest ocean water I’d ever seen, perfect for kids. There were umbrellas and chairs for hire. A small jetty to walk on and rocks to snorkel around. Amazing how the colour of the water can just take a beach to legendary status. 

2. Ambergris Caye, Belize


The water close to the beach is actually not ideal, but it’s only a short swim out to the most clearest, bluest water you’ve ever seen. Add on top of that palm trees on the beach for shade, restaurants close by for food and the second largest barrier reef in the world for snorkeling and you have a damn fine beach. In particular the beach near Ramon’s Village is a favourite, because of the easy access to the clear blue ocean & fabulous snorkeling.

3. Boracay, Philippines


Powder white sand with delicious blue waves lapping the shore. We were in Boracay during wet season and we still spent every day at the beach. Restaurants, fruit shake stands, hotels – everything you need on the shores to make a full day at the beach enjoyable. The sand is perfect for sandcastles and running races, the ocean beautifully warm even in the pouring rain. 

4. Akumal, Mexico


This little treasure is located not far from Playa Del Carmen in Mexico. It can get touristy, but there is a reason. Palm trees dot the shore line for natural shade, the water is so flawless you have no troubles heading out and seeing sea turtles munching the sea grass at the bottom. A few restaurants for eating and bathrooms make this a perfect day. 

5. Paradise Island, Bahamas


We spent an absurd $250 to get into Atlantis Water Park and private beaches, but if you walk around you can enjoy the same beaches, publically (at no cost). White sand, translucent aqua seawater, palm trees and someone somewhere playing delightful island music. If you do want to pay the kids will spend the majority time switching between the pools, the slides, the aquarium and the beach making this day very entertaining.

Mostly Caribbean beaches, it’s true. We can’t wait to visit a whole bunch of other ones though and hopefully expand our repertoire. We also want to give a couple bonus votes to: 

6. Australia


Whether you are exploring Queensland’s perfect Whitehaven Beach or riding bikes around Western Australia’s Rottnest Island or perving on the lifeguards at Sydney’s Bondi Beach we have some damn fine beaches. So much so that in my opinion Hawaii was second best to ours. Mix our beaches with crazy dunes and a few cardboard boxes or boogey boards and you are sure for giggly fun.

7. And… St Maarten (just had to chuck in 1 more Caribbean one!)


Okay so it was a tie between St Maarten and St Kitts, but we liked St Kitts for the calm ocean it offered the kids. St Maarten had better sand and a better island, same crystal waters, but it was rougher the day we visited. This could have been though because of the very cool jet plane action going on. Maho beach is one of the few places in the world where aircraft can be viewed in their flight path just outside the end of the runway. Arriving aircraft must touch down as close as possible to the beginning of Runway 10 due to the short runway length of 2,180 metres resulting in aircraft on their final approach flying over the beach at minimal altitude. You feel like you can reach up and touch them (even though the nearby signage warns of potentially fatal consequences for doing that). If your kids love planes, you must visit this beach at least once in your life.

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I've been busted! How'd you know that I was perving on the lifeguards at Bondi Beach? I sooo thought my sunglasses were dark enough! Now I'm blushing red like a lobster!

My beach list would definately have Kefalonia's crescent shaped Myrtos Beach, which is blessed with white sand and turquoise waters. Mike and I have some pretty fun/naughty, pre-kidlet memories of that beach....aaaah, those were the days ;-) LOL

sonja everson May 2nd, 2013

Akumal is our favorite beach here in Mexico! Love seeing the sea turtles!!! And now I really want to see St. Kitts:) thanks for sharing.

Heidi Nov 20th, 2013

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