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The Caribbean

St Lucia Three-In-One Adventure: Jeep Jungle Trek, Rainforest Zip Lining & Waterfall Bathing

Freefalling horizontally meters off the ground is a freedom that vertical falling cannot provide. There is time to take in the views, the rushing waters underneath, the green trees screaming past and the people at the end cheering and hollering. I’m talking about zip lining. Have you done it?

The adults only hot tub on our cruise ship was a great place to meet people and we met Ben & April in there. They told us about snorkeling in Barbados the next day that we agreed to do.

The snorkeling tour was great fun and we had a fabulous time with our new friends including their friends who were travelling with them, JJ & Taylor. Returning to our cruise ship sunburnt and exhausted they mentioned the next day they were going to be doing zip lining.

I have wanted to do zip lining for a long time, but with two toddlers it was almost impossible. Until now. Our kids had not wanted to leave the Camp Carnival kids club and so we found our prime opportunity to head off for some adult adventure fun.

Not only that it was going to be on St Lucia, a tropical Caribbean island.


St Lucia is a beautiful, lush, green island and after an initial rejection because the jeep was full the tour guides said if we could fit we could come. We made sure we fit. The 3 tours in one adventure set us back a pretty $198 but it included a Jeep jungle trek, a rainforest zip lining adventure and a waterfall bath.

As we climbed into the jeep we had no idea what we were in for. The open-aired ride was fabulous and our guide was very knowledgeable in describing the parts of St Lucia we travelled through. The rainforest had its moments where it rained and stopped before a final downpour had us all scrambling for our provided ponchos. Towards the end of the jeep adventure we were asked to stand and watch our heads for low hanging branches. Certainly not the safest way to travel, but definitely an adventure.

Finally we arrived at the zip lining station. Everyone geared up in helmets, gloves and harnesses. We were given a quick introduction and then taken to our first tree. Person after person slid down the line and I found myself skipping to the back of the line. Nervous? Yes. Hanging from a rope that high above the ground all of a sudden had me slightly freaking out.


But it was time to go. I held on, screamed my lungs out and soared through the air. What a rush! What an experience! Let’s do it again! 

Luckily we got to do it 12 times at differing heights and differing lengths. The course requires some physical work with a lot of walking in between zipping and it gets hot even though you are underneath the silky canvas of leaves.


Our final zip lines we videotaped for you, well, because we wanted to show you how amazing it is to zip line through a tropical rainforest on a Caribbean island.

Once we finalized our zip lining adventure we took off our smelly gloves and removed our stinky helmets and hoped back on our Jeep for more standing journey. 

It wasn’t far until we got to our next stop. My hands and legs were feeling rather sore and shaky from all that exercise, but the walk to the waterfall was not that long and the scenic bushwalk was spectacular.



When we arrived we were greeted with a very movie like waterfall moment. I just wanted to disrobe and run under the water. Of course I modestly changed into my bathing suite and stumbled ungainly towards the waterfall, as the flooring was all rocks and pebbles. It was very refreshing after all our hard work at the zip lining.


Our guide found a coconut and demonstrated how to get it open. He then passed around fresh pieces that I found positively scrumptious.

Soon we were all getting dressed and making our way back up to the jeep. The journey home was, well, I guess an adventure, although not one I would have signed up for. The rain decided to come on hard and strong. The ponchos did some of the work, but the trickles escaping in were not pleasant. The beating rain on my face stung and I had to turn my head to watch the back of the jeep to avoid having heavy sideways rain embedded in my face.  There was not much talking and even some shivering going on. 

It never stopped and our poor guide sitting on the floor was saturated. It didn’t stop even as we disembarked from the jeep and raced to our cruise ship. Walking through the cold air-conditioned halls to our room we hopped immediately in a nice hot shower.

What an experience! What an adventure! We were so grateful for these lovely couples (lucky couples – kids left at home) taking us under their wings and befriending us. Without them we would never have experienced zip lining, especially on such a magnificent location like St Lucia.


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Posted by Karin on
Great read and beautiful pics
Posted by Ron | Active Planet Travels on
Looks like you had a great time! I had the opportunity of trekking in Costa Rica as well as waterfall bathing in Puerto Rico...such a great experience! :-)
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