3 Family Friendly Places Your Kids Will Love

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What an eclectic mix by Harry on places to take the family. Having done the first two I can safely say I agree. Now to discover Denmark, adding it to list. 

Travelling becomes a lot more complicated following the arrival of the little ones. Not only do you have to adjust your travelling schedule and plans according to their requirements, but you also have to find a location that will exceed their limited expectations.

If you are struggling to come up with a suitable place for your next family vacation, then here are 3 highly recommended family friendly tourist destinations to consider. 

1) Belize

Trips to the Caribbean Islands are often associated with “big money spending”. This may be true for most of the locations, but Belize is definitely an affordable exception. The beaches in Belize will leave your children absolutely mesmerized.

You will find that most shopping places are quite cheap, and the best thing about shopping in Belize is that almost everyone speaks English. If your children are into wildlife, then they will be in for a treat during their trip to Belize. For a little bit of history lesson, you can take your children to the magnificent Mayan ruins.

When travelling around, the best option is to spend a few extra bucks and rent a car. It will be worth the investment. For the perfect family friendly residence, book rooms in the Barton Creek Outpost in the Cayo District.

2) Pennsylvania

This is a state that is abundant with family-friendly activities. There are so many options to explore, that it is almost like sorting the best deals at VoucherBin UK from the hundreds and thousands available. While in Pennsylvania, visiting Philadelphia is an absolute must.

The walkable center, the counter breakfasts at the Reading Terminal Market, the house of Betsy Ross, people adorned in amusing tri-cornered hats and last but not the least, the exciting 4th of July parade in the city are all fantastic attractions that are well worth of your family’s time. The city itself will teach your children a lot about American culture and its richness.

If your children are up for a little bit of thrill seeking, then a tour to the spooky Eastern State Penitentiary may just be the perfect way to add a little spice to the family vacation. Whatever you do, don’t forget to take them to Sesame Place and Chocolate World.

3) Denmark

If you have the budget to fly to Europe, then Denmark should be right there at the top of your destination shortlist. It may not be the cheapest tourist destination in the world, but it is certainly one that is tailor made for children.

The main attractions include the historic central amusement park of Copenhagen called Tivoli, the wonderful Legoland in central Jutland and of course Odense, which is a 1000 year old city about 90 minutes away (train ride) away from Copenhagen.

You may have to slightly break the bank for this trip, but it is one that will leave your kids with a wide smile on their faces.

Family travels are all about giving your children a vacation that they will remember forever. Create unforgettable childhood memories for your kids by taking them to any one of these amazing family destinations.

Harry is a marketing analyst and deeply fond of traveling. He loves exploring new places, capturing scenic photography and clipping online vouchers to score discounts for his next trip.

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