3 Simple Ways to Save Money on Your Family Holiday

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Who doesn't love to save money? We travel in all ranges of budgets and have some great tips on travel, but this is 3 very easy steps you can do if you live in the UK. So lucky if you do - hop, skip and a jump to a huge range of countries we can't wait to visit! 

We would all like to save some money on our family holidays but is that really possible? You might be resigned to this being a huge expense but there are some tips which will help you make this a more affordable affair.


Look for Last Minute Deals

One of the best ways of getting a low price on your family holiday is to look to pick up a late bargain. This means a little bit of nervousness for you, as you don’t want to let down the family by not finding anything suitable for them in time. However, there are so many last minute holiday deals around these days that you should be able to find something. If you look at this in the right way and get everyone in the group involved in looking for bargains then it can add an extra layer of excitement the build up and get everyone looking forward to it even more than they would have been. If you are going to make this idea work then you will need to be fairly flexible about your destination, so you should make this clear to the whole family before you get to work on looking for great deals. 

Be Flexible with Your Choice of Airport

If you only look for deals which leave from your local airport then you could miss out on a tremendous holiday deal which it wouldn’t have been impossible to take advantage of. Some of the best and cheapest holidays from the UK leave from  London airport but if you are from another part of the country it could still make sense to take a connecting flight there or travel by bus or train. Another great thing you can do is stay overnight in one of the UK’s affordable airport hotels. This approach won’t cost you as much as you might think and will let you take your pick from a lot more different flights. For example, if you find a great deal leaving from Manchester but don’t live close to it then you could choose to stay in one of the Manchester Airport hotels from Holiday Extras and catch the flight without any hassle. This is a way of breaking up the trip and making sure that everyone arrives to the destination fresher and ready to go. The same theory applies all round the country and the likes of Gatwick hotels from Holiday Extras offer fantastic value and a lovely start to the trip.  

Choose an Emerging Destination

There are some classic holiday destinations which attract thousands of UK holidaymakers every year. There are almost always great places which offer the kind of tourism infrastructure which makes a holiday there easy. However, if you are looking for a cheap deal then you should take a look at some of the emerging destinations which are starting to becoming popular. For UK travellers the north of Africa and parts of Eastern Europe are fantastic for making your money go farther and don’t usually cost too much to get to. Basically, you shouldn’t rule anywhere out until you have found out the price of going there and done some research on it. 

Written by Craig Gilhooly, creative content producer, travel addict, Daddy & passionate Gooner!

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