5 Best Reasons To Fly To Sydney

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Having just spent New Years Eve in Sydney, flying was definitely the quickest and easiest way to get there from Perth. And here's why! 

Sydney is not only the biggest city in Australia, but also one of the most sought-after urban attractions for Australians and foreign tourists alike. While, for foreigners, it is usually a default to come to Sydney by plane, many Australians choose to come to the city using other means of transportation from car to RV to train. But flights are becoming more affordable and readily available, making the journey much faster and more enjoyable.

Here's five of the many reasons why you should choose air travel to get to Sydney:

Time and Energy Efficiency

Australia is a huge country, making travelling by car lengthy and exhausting. Just imagine having to drive all the way from Darwin just to get to Sydney (that's over 4000km!) – you will have to spend days on the road, exhausting yourself driving, straining your car and causing unnecessary wear and tear to it. Not to mention that's a long stretch of nothing on the way. 


Other then a plane any other means of transportation will require food and water for the road and you will have to endure the heat and often very difficult terrain conditions. Instead you can imagine yourself comfortably boarding a plane and then getting off in Sydney a few hours later. If you choose an airline like Qantas you'll enjoy food, water and a journey spent on a comfortable, air-conditioned and super-fast airborne vehicle – the benefits are obvious, aren’t they?

Cost Efficiency

Air travel used to be among the most expensive means of transportation, but this is no longer the case. Air tickets nowadays are available at very affordable prices, so if you add up all the costs involved when driving to Sydney, and then you have a look at the great flight ticket deals available for domestic travellers, you will instantly see that flying is the best option. Websites like Momondo offer great prices and with their smiley face system, you can tell immediately if you are getting a good deal. 

More Time to Enjoy the City

Whatever the purpose of your visit to Sydney, if you choose air travel, you will certainly have more time to accomplish your goals and more energy left as well. Whether you are going to Sydney for business or you want to explore this amazing place as a tourist, you will certainly be better off if you get there by plane. Plus if it is business a Business Lounge is always a great way to start or end a journey. 


Flights follow very strict schedules, and therefore flying is considered to be the most reliable means of transportation. International flights may be sometimes late because of weather conditions or other, unforeseeable reasons, but domestic flights are usually bang on time, allowing you to plan your trip down to the minute.

Consider your vacation time in Australia when deciding how to make your way around and make the most of it by flying. Flights to Sydney are offered by numerous websites, that finding a good deal is easy. You can check your options by simply introducing the place and time of departure and the destination airport, and the platform will instantly display all the available flights, along with price-related information and all the details you need to make the best decision.

Enjoy your vacation. Maybe I'll see you on one of those rockin' airline sales soon. 

Dan is an avid traveller and has spent the last year making his way around Australia. He enjoys fast food, dangerous animals and flying. 

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