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The only thing I know about Townsville is my husband was born there. I've never been but Susan sure is inspiring me, how about you?

North Queensland is home to the tropical destination of Townsville. Since the area is tropical, it has only two seasons. It has a wet summer and a dry winter. With 300 days a year without rain, the wet summer is limited. It is the largest town in the northeast coast, and it is home to some of the most beautiful places that Australia has to offer. 

The Rainforest

Being near the equator, Townsville is the perfect location for a leading edge of a massive rainforest that covers over 3,400 square miles of lush undergrowth and tall trees. Because of the canopy of trees, the ground stays moist, and the forest is home to animals, plants, birds and insects that thrive in these conditions. Many of the ferns are air ferns, which mean they need no anchoring soil to grow. They can be found winding their way around tree limbs high in the air. Orchids are a form of an air plant.

There are trails that can be hiked throughout the rainforest area, but in order to enjoy the rainforest fully, a skyrail will take visitors over the tops of the trees where they can observe the forest.


The Great Barrier Reef

Most people are familiar with the Great Barrier Reef. It has been well documented on travel shows and used in a variety of movies. The reef is the largest in the world. This magnificent ocean playground plays host to 1,500 different fish that flit about the colorful coral structures. There are 30 different species of whales, porpoises and dolphins. This is the largest living organism on the planet, and it can be easily identified from space.

Certified divers can suit up and explore the reef. 

The Islands

Islands like Hinchinbrook Island offer escapes to a tropical paradise where there are trails, fishing, clear blue waters and exotic birds to capture the imagination of any tourist. There are sea turtles and dolphins to entertain the visitors. Those who crave adventure and have the desire to see something spectacular will want to search for the nearly extinct cassowary. 


The Outback

No trip to Australia is complete without a jaunt to the Outback. This landscape is filled with rich colors and wildlife like kangaroos, dingoes, cockatoos and large flocks of budgies. The Outback is home to small towns and villages that are leftovers from the gold rush. Places like Charters Towers offer a glimpse into life during the gold rush days. A visitor could take the Ghosts of Gold Heritage trail and possibly see the real residents of Charters Towers. 

The Heritage

While in Townsville, there are many places a visitor can explore. Museums and art galleries beckon those who want to learn more about the history of the town. This includes a maritime museum  and the Great Barrier Reef Aquarium. Botanical gardens offer an array of tropical trees and local flowers.

Townsville is a city of almost 200,000 people, so there is no shortage of entertainment or shopping. If you are fan of extreme sports you can come to Townsville in March and enjoy Burdekin BMX 2 day carnival. 

If you just want to stay put, you can stroll along the Strand, Townsville's tropical beach, or you can grab a ticket to a cricket match. There are not enough hours in a day to do all the things that Townsville offers, so it is best to stay in one of the Townsville motels for a few days in order to enjoy everything Townsville has to offer.

Susan Packer is a Queensland mum who loves to travel and take photos. Her days are spent wiping up baby spit or photographing it when not on vacation. 

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