5 Most Romantic Places In The World To Have A Picnic

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George must be a true romantic. Thanks to him I am getting my husband to read this... See if he gets the hint. This post brought to you by Andre Champagne. The content and opinions expressed below are that of our guest writer.

Are you planning a romantic picnic with your loved one, but you cannot decide on a location? It would be useless to give you a list with certain romantic places around the globe, since it is unlikely that you may fly halfway around the world for a picnic, but there are places that look amazing and breathe romance everywhere, you just need to know where to look.

You start with a rug, have some aphrodisiac food waiting and a bottle of Andre Champagne to make it #EpicWithAndre. All this coupled with the perfect location equals perfect romance. 

Here are five ideas that will surely impress the love of your life:

A beach or a river bank

No matter where you live, there must be a lake, river or sea nearby, so that you can place your blanket close to the water and watch the sun reflecting in it. It could be near a lighthouse or a waterfall, at dawn or at sunset, maybe with a boat available. Just imagine a paper boat floating with a love message written on it or a bottle with a love letter for your loved one, and the song of the waters crashing on the shore.

A garden or a forest

Picnics ask for a lot of green, fresh air and bird songs, just what gardens and forests offer. Find a meadow with silky grass and maybe a couple of flowers around, and you are good to go. If the weather is not that great or you have the picnic later in the evening, you could even start a fire.

Near the ruins of a castle

Each relationship should be a fairy tale, and what better way to celebrate yours than contemplating the ruins of a magical place, full of love stories and romance? Just make sure it is a castle with beautiful love stories related to it, not some creepy monster legends that could break the spell between the two of you.

On a hill or cliff

No matter if you climb your way up or you drive, the view will surely be worth it. Your loved one will feel that you have placed the world at their feet, and you will have the perfect atmosphere to dream, make plans, discuss the future of your relationship or, why not, propose?

On a roof

It may not seem like the most romantic place in the world, but it all depends on where the building is located and how you stage the place. You can use lights and flowers, the food is easier to prepare, the Andre Brut can remain chilled and you will have the whole city, town or village at your feet, and, should the weather change, you do not have to worry about getting wet.

No matter which of the above suggestions you prefer, keep in mind that romance comes with privacy. If you want everything to go great, the chance to talk, kiss and, why not, be intimate, choose secluded places, where you can scream and be free if you wish.

Privacy, water, stars, flowers, green and splendid views: these are the ingredients that ensure the success of any picnic, and, if you can, by any chance, relate them to a special moment in your relationship, your loved one will be thrilled and you will add one more unforgettable memory to your relationships album!

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George Nickopolous is a romantic. He proposed to his girlfriend in Paris and was married in Venice. Every anniversary is a new adventure for his true love... and it helps that travel in Europe is so easy.  

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