5 Qualifications For Full-Time Travellers

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There are many ways we make money to keep ourselves travelling around the world so it's great to have Josh prove there are also many more. 

If you’re planning on spending a good chunk of your life seeing the world, you probably aren’t thinking too seriously about formal qualifications. However, by doing so, you are more likely to guarantee yourself regular work—and money—when abroad. A flexible learning environment such as Careers Australia will even allow you to work while you study, so you can be saving as much as possible before you leave. Below are some ideal study suggestions for the true, lifelong traveller.

1. Hospitality

The first stop for any full-time traveller when it comes to getting work abroad is the hospitality industry. This industry is as diverse as they come, which is exactly what you need if you’re planning on moving from country to country fairly regularly. A certificate or diploma in hospitality offers training in operational services and leadership, and will equip you to handle a variety of jobs from cafés and hotels, to front-of-house service and major events.

2. RSA

Like hospitality, gaining a RSA qualification is a great way to ensure your options are open when it comes to working while travelling. An international Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate means you can get jobs in bars, clubs and restaurants, or even at major events including music performances and race meetings. The added bonus with this qualification is that it only takes you a few hours to complete.

3. Design

Another versatile career, graphic design is well suited to those with a true creative calling. Qualifications in the graphics field can literally open up a world of opportunities including advertising creation, magazine layout, illustration and book design, gaming and even animation. Jobs in these fields are available everywhere, and the great thing is you can either get work with a big company or contract yourself out if you know you’re going to be doing plenty of moving around.

4. Retail

The retail field is one that will never go out of ‘fashion’, particularly in tourist hotspots. A diverse field with the option to move between companies and industries, retail is perfect for those willing to do a bit of everything, from cash handling to customer service. Retail is also a great place for the full-time traveller, as it’s people oriented, which means you are perfectly placed to meet new friends—and possibly new travel companions!

5. First Aid

If travelling is your calling then you really can’t go past a first aid qualification. This handy skill-set is easy and quick to obtain, and is something you can take to most locations. Popular destinations around the world have a number of events and festivals happening all year round, and working as a first aid officer is a great way to get in on the action, meet new people, and earn a few dollars at the same time.

Full-time travelling is a wonderful idea in theory, but if you don’t have the continued means to support yourself, you are not going to be doing it ‘full-time’ for very long. Preparation is the key to successful travel, and arming yourself with qualifications will mean you’ll always be a step ahead of other hungry, working travellers.

Where would be your destination of choice to work and travel, and why? Leave your answers below.

Josh Frontier is a diving instructor who works his way around the world. He's always looking for ways to improve his skills to make sure he can keep travelling. 

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