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Having only briefly visited Toronto to see the Niagara Falls back in 2007 we love to see how many other things there are to do there. One day we will devote some good time to Canada, until then...

Toronto is a fun, exciting, vibrant, and diverse city, but it’s easy for visitors to get sucked into the really touristy parts of town. What makes this city such a great tourist destination doesn’t lay in a particular building, centuries of history, or a must-see attraction! To truly get the most out of visiting you have to ‘experience’ this city; its diversity, distinct neighborhoods, artistic expressions, green spaces, its waterfront, the people, cultures, and foods. When you fly in to Toronto this list will give you a great introduction on what's to come:

Get sprayed at Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is one of the most popular sightseeing destinations in the world. It is about 72 miles from Toronto, takes approximately 1½ hours to drive by car. Watching 750,000 gallons of water a second traverse the fall in front of you is attractive by any standards. Visitors can experience the falls from the top – the Table Rock site allows you to stand a mere meter away from the edge of Horseshoe Falls.


Visit CN Tower

The CN Tower is the 2nd tallest tower in the world, which attracts millions of visitors. You can even eat lunch up at the 360 restaurant at the roof top of the tower and get at the same time a bird's eye view of the whole city.

Shop at the largest mall in downtown Toronto

The Eaton Centre is a bright and airy shopping mall in the heart of Toronto's downtown that houses more than 250 stores. The stores will appeal to the budget conscious and compulsive shopper alike. This is a huge mall with a lot of offer- don’t miss it!

Take the ferry to Toronto Island

Something we love to recommend is to grab picnic-style food, like baguettes, cheese, deli meats, mustard, fruit, etc, and head for the Toronto Island (weather permitting, of course!). If you don’t want to take a picnic basket there’s plenty to eat and drink on the island. The ferry costs about $6 return and the island is a beautiful, accessible respite from the city. It’s the perfect place to have a picnic, enjoy the summer sun, and take in a stunning view of the city.

Climb on a wondrous stair

The Royal Ontario Museum incorporates a stunning Stair of Wonders. It's worth checking out the unusual, jagged glass exterior that tends to either delight or offend, With more than 40 galleries of art, archaeology and natural science, the ROM offers up a world of interest and fun.

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