5 Things To Do In Sydney While On A Vacation

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I was born in Sydney and spent my life there right up until my teens. When Josh and I got married I took him back for a visit. And we did most these things :) 

Australia is that place in the world which is entirely disconnected from every other part of the world. It is a place full of people from different backgrounds and countries and offers a lot more to people than one can generally think of. Even though it is still in its developing stages when it comes to proper use of land, since it is huge and has huge stretches of just land without nothing for miles to do, the already developed cities of Australia do not disappoint at all. One of the best rated cities in Australia is definitely Sydney since it’s world renowned and boats of a number of attractions for people to see and explore. It is also one of the biggest cities in Australia. 

Here are the top 5 things you can do while you’re holidaying in Sydney: 

1. Visit the Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo is located waterside in Sydney and houses more than 2,900 exotics as well as native species inside. You can make this an entire 1-day visit because guests are allowed to camp inside the zoo with their Roar and Snore package. This zoo lets you literally talk and enjoy some delicious food with their adorable animal species ranging from koalas to gorillas and chimpanzees to kangaroos. Though this trip won’t really cost you much, you can still make use of Aucouponcodesin order to receive a much needed discount on the tickets. 

2. Witness a play at the Opera House

One of the most renowned attractions of Sydney, Opera House is one of the busiest music and arts venues of all times. You can not only witness a play at this place but you can also opt for a backstage tour which will give you an insight about many things related to the grand Opera House. 

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3. Sydney Harbour Bridge aka The Coathanger

The Sydney Harbour Bridge was built in 1932 and is a great treat to the eyes because of its super engineering. People are free to walk and explore and they can also book the bridge climbing tours which take them into the superstructure. This requires no special climbing skills and anyone can go for it easily. 

4. Go for a sailing expedition

Since Sydney is known for its dazzling waters, your vacation will be incomplete without going for a sailing expedition. You can take a ferry to explore or sign up for an amazing sailing lesson as well. Since Sydney is pretty expensive, you can utilize Columbus Direct Travel Insurance Coupon Codesto survive over there even after going for these small trips. 

5. Climb the Blue mountains

These mountains are famous for their Blue tinge and visitors usually visit them for climbing, trekking and mountain biking. It is surrounded by a number of beautiful hotels and townships and can be visited anytime. You should also lookout for the Three Sisters Rock Formation when you decide to pay a visit to these beautiful and antique Blue Mountains.

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