5 Top Ways To Use A Smartphone While Travelling

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We love using our phones all over the world. From maps to currency to budgets. So Dan (with the help of our sponsor, KnowRoaming) hits the nail on the head with this one... And I want one of those stickers! 

Whether you're bored on the plane, or you have to research a restaurant, hotel or resort after climbing out of the cab in a strange land, a smartphone can really come in handy.

Still, making the most of your travel plans is not always easy. When using your imagination is not enough, it's a good idea to take a look at some of the most useful ways to use your phone during your travels.

How to Use Your Phone Efficiently While Travelling

A smartphone can be extremely useful while traveling, since these days you can do almost anything with apps. Not only are you able to use the internet effectively to get yourself out of a bind, but advanced messaging apps, applications for minimizing data usage and many other useful and entertaining solutions are also available.

Here are 5 of the most fun, efficient and interesting ways to use your phone while traveling:

  1. Flight search apps like Google Flight will help you get all the info you need on upcoming flights, round trips, one-way tickets and the perfect discounts for saving up a few dollars on your journey.
  2. There are also flight and hotel search apps you can consider that also give you a lot of insight on available hotel vacancies in the area you're traveling to. Details about rooms, apartments and accommodation amenities, as well as reviews about the best services in town will also be included, if you use apps like Hipmunk or Hotel Tonight.
  3. Highway exits can be easily monitored by phone and will help you avoid getting lost and missing your exit at inopportune moments. You can use apps such as iExit to get all the information you require.
  4. Need help finding the best restaurants, shops, cafes and even antique stores? Yelp comes to the rescue, and it can quickly and easily be accessed from your phone to give you perfect insight on all that and more.
  5. You can even get information about the transit system and when the next bus or train arrives in the area you are located in. Apps such as Transit will help you at a single glance.

Of course, all of these methods are much easier to put into action, if you have a good data plan, especially when you're traveling abroad. Roaming can be very expensive and there are lots of other challenges you will have to face. Fortunately, there are other alternatives.

An Easier Way to Use Your Phone

To save on roaming costs while traveling abroad, you can try the KnowRoaming SIM Sticker and use all the apps and capabilities your phone can offer without worrying about which country you're traveling to.

The SIM sticker is extremely easy to use: you just connect it to your SIM card, and it lays dormant in your phone until you leave the country. At that point, it activates and connects you to any available local network for data, voice and SMS services.

An affordable plan offers you unlimited data in more than 70 countries, and the service itself is currently available in more than 200 countries worldwide. You'll find the SIM sticker to not only be extremely useful and convenient, but it's also only US$7.99 per day! 

I know how stuck I've been in some countries, so this is a lifesaver. Go get one today! And remember all the things you'll use your phone for when you arrive in your next holiday destination. 

Dan is an avid traveller and always ready to try a new gadget. While there are many things he travels with, he'd be lost without his smartphone. 

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