7 Most Fun and Free Things to Do in Amsterdam

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We had a great time in Amsterdam, but this is a great post on the free things you can do there. Thanks Jessica! 

Amsterdam is a fun place and famous for its beauty where you can find plenty of free stuff to do. It is very easy to spend privileged circumstances in the Netherlands’ charming capital, but this city very has so many free and fun things to do. This liberal city Amsterdam has so many beautiful canals, houses, famous Red Light District and coffee shops. Most people think of Amsterdam as the city of sex, booze, and drugs, but this city has so many other things going for it. 

Blijburg Beach

You can find a beach in the Amsterdam that is created by the Dutch people, but the real fact is that; you cannot find Amsterdam city by the seaside. They somehow managed to create an artificial island of Ijburg, where you can find the Blijburg Beach. So many people do beach parties, events and beach sports on this beach. You can also find others busy in other activities like sunbathing and swimming.

EYE – Film Institute Netherlands

You can find four cinemas in EYE – Film Institute Netherlands, people know it as a film lab. It is covering 1200 square meter area only for its exhibition room and it also part of the massive film library of the Netherlands. If you do look at the building, you can clearly tell that it is a real masterpiece architectural work. Only the basement part is the only place which is free of charge, and it holds the perpetual exhibition.

Flower Market

It is an exquisite market where you can find so many flowers such as crimson tulip, purple lilies, and yellow daffodils heap against a theatrical canal setting. If you are in need for a bouquet, then, you have to spend for it to buy, but you can enjoy the lovely sight of flowers, smell them and walk with your love ones. Whenever you will feel alone or depress come to this market and take a deep breath to get vanish in the fragments of flowers.


On the Spui Square behind the big wooden door, you can find a hidden magical Begijnhof court which will take you back to the Middle Era. As this place is very much attractive for those who like to know about the cultures and history. It is a free place, but not allowed to make loud noises because it’s a private area.

Sunday Market Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, every Sunday you can find a Sunday market, but their locations continuously change. You can also practice your bargaining skill in this market and taste free drinks and food. It is not a regular Sunday market, if you will visit this place you will know that it is a memento.

Canal Ring

You can find so many canals in Amsterdam compared to Venice, and these canals are 400-year-old, which are the part of UNESCO World Heritage site. Around them, you can find so many free attractive places, museums and cafes after every few meters.

Jessica Gold is a travel adviser and blogger. She loves hanging out with friends, enjoying weekends with friends and family, adventure trips and traveling abroad.

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