8 Countries To Visit In Southeast Asia

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Southeast Asia has become a very popular holiday destination for a variety of reasons. With humble and rich culture, Southeast Asia offers incredible food, views and tropical settings for a very affordable price. Transport is easy, and there’s something for everyone: from solitude in the mountains to metropolitan party scenes.

This article will go over eight stunning countries to visit in Southeast Asia, which will give you an idea of why this corner of the country has so much to offer.


Cambodia is a great choice when visiting Southeast Asia. It encompasses Eastern Buddhist culture, with beautiful temples built during the Khmer era and stunning religious monuments. The capital city of Phnom Penh is home to incredible museums that tell the story of profoundly tragic historical events, but equally reflects the strength and pride of the country too. Of course, there’s a plethora of landscapes to see in Cambodia too.


Holidays in Thailand have remained a popular choice for a long time now. This is because there’s a bit of everything now, from paradise beach parties to incredible walking tours. Cities like Chiang Mai are also becoming great places to network for an expat, as it has many freelancers and small business owners all co-working alongside each other.

Still, it remains a place to relax and party. Whilst capital city Bangkok is expensive, if you travel via Teletext Holidays it doesn’t take long to realise how budget-friendly the rest of the country is.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is another tropical, sandy beach paradise with much to offer. Sri Lanka is smaller than many others on this list and is known for being the Pearl of the Indian Ocean. It is a great place to do some shopping, with an abundance of fabrics, jewellery, ceramics and antiques on offer at street markets. 

For this reason, tourism is an important part of the Sri Lankan economy, more so than many of its neighbours. This means that they welcome tourists (a little too much sometimes, in terms of salesmen) and the people are friendly.


Myanmar is a great choice, especially for nature lovers. There are 26 endemic species of bird and 492 overall bird species in Myanmar. Tourism isn’t quite as widespread here, so it can be a little more low-key. There’s plenty to see, with many temples and museums to visit. Just be sure to stick to the major cities, as some sections of the country are considered dangerous regarding civil wars - but the majority of the country is considered extremely safe, with very little serious crime.


Indonesia has a large tropical forest, some stunning beaches and some great waves to surf on. It’s a popular place to come and snorkel, with many coastline activities going on; it’s no surprise why when Indonesia is home to over 17,000 islands. If you’re more of the nature adventurer, you can spot Komodo Dragons, orangutans and active volcanoes. 

Of course, there’s Bali too. Bali is an island that’s extremely popular among backpackers, especially Australians. There’s a bunch of parties, performances and stunning views.


The Philippines isn’t too dissimilar to Indonesia except the language, as much of the population is English speaking, which makes it unique. Often what you find with Southeast Asia is that the people are extremely friendly, particularly in the Philippines. Having the chance to communicate is a great opportunity to explore their culture - you can integrate even more seamlessly into their incredible festivals this way. There’s also a lot of islands, stunning beaches and almost 3,000 species of fish to explore, making the Philippines a very well-rounded choice.


Vietnam’s history is what makes it one of the more popular choices in Southeast Asia, as a significant figure in Western historical events. As a result there are a lot of educational sites to visit, as well as some amazing walking tours. There are incredible landscapes across Vietnam, with some very unique erosion and small islands dotted about.

It can be a very quiet place when you want it to be. A visit to Ho Chi Minh City can find yourself in a very built-up, modern city with advanced technology and a buzzing economy. In fact, this is a very popular city for freelancers due to its low cost, networking ability, incredible city buzz and, of course, being just a short visit away from stunning landscape.


Malaysia is a beautiful Southeast Asian country well known for its gorgeous food. It has a blend of Indian, Chinese, Indonesian and Thai influence, making it a perfect blend for those who are looking for an outstanding culinary experience. Malaysia has some impressive modern architecture, having some of the most iconic skylines in Asia. You don’t have to venture far until you’re immersed in a beautiful landscape though. Tea plantations are abundant, which gives a beautifully full green aesthetic, along with mountainous backdrops. 

Like its food, the Malaysian culture is diverse with some colonial influences and architecture. There’s a large Chinese and Indian community in Malaysia, along with Orang Asli people, who are indigenous and make up over 10% of the population.

As evident from going through each country, Southeast Asia has an abundance of choice and culture. There is no exorbitantly expensive place either, so you’re safe from spending thousands on a standard 10-day holiday. In fact, it’s so cheap that you may decide to stay and work remotely, like many do.

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