A Few Great Reasons Why Vacationing in Tenerife Should Be on Your Bucket List

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And now here's why I want to go to Tenerife...

Vacationing in Tenerife has become a truly popular idea for anyone in the world who likes smooth sandy beaches, unique natural places to visit and hospitable hosts who provide you with all you could possibly need for a completely enjoyable time.

This beautiful island has a lot to offer, not only in terms of places you can see relax, but also when it comes to remote, surprising locations and landmarks that will make for a truly fulfilling exploring experience, while also making you feel happy you've considered visiting this remarkable island.

Tenerife - Photo Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

The Largest of the Canary Islands

When you started reading about vacationing in Tenerife, one of the first things you've probably learned is the island's origins. It is the largest of the volcanic Canary Islands, having formed millions of years ago, and giving rise to unique places like Mount Teide and the huge Los Gigantes cliffs, located on the western side of the island.

Mount Teide - Photo Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Located off the north-western coast of Africa, the island attracts millions of tourists and visitors each year, and boasts some of the best luxury resorts and hotels you can find anywhere in the world.  Also, it is easily accessible by plane, and most of its landmarks and tourist locations can be accessed without a problem by boat or car from the main resorts located in the southern part of the island.

Tenerife's Beautiful Sights and Special Landmarks

Vacationing in Tenerife is all about exploring beautiful places and having a great time in the process. You'll find some of the most stunning landscapes and exciting beaches here, made even more special by the warm weather year-round, which makes the Canary island a perfect spot for a long vacation trip, no matter when you plan it:

  • Playa de las Americas: Los Cristianos is a beautiful town that combines traditional and modern culture, and is close to the beautiful, fine sands of Playa de las Americas. Here you can spend an enjoyable afternoon sunbathing or enjoying the sea, and then hit the charming and exciting restaurants and bars later on, or just enjoy a cocktail staying at one of the luxury hotels.
  • Slam Park: If you love waterslides and unique places where you can really have fun, you'll love this stunning Thai themed aquatic theme park. As Tenerife's largest, newest and most modern theme park, Slam Park will definitely not disappoint, promising exciting thrills for everyone in the family.
  • Mount Teide: The Teide National Park is a Unesco World Heritage site that you can't miss if you're in Tenerife. Here, you will find the imposing Mount Teide, rising 12,198 feet above sea level, offering all visitors a truly spectacular view, and being essentially recognized as Spain's highest peak.
  • The Village of Masca: Here is one place you should definitely check out if you're thinking of vacationing in Tenerife. Masca is balanced on a rocky plateau situated in the Teno Mountains, and it has basically been cut off from the world since the 1970s, making it a perfect place to explore.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why vacationing in Tenerife is a marvelous idea - you will definitely fall in love with the stunning and unique sights, the amazing weather and the friendliness of the locals.

Dan Donahue left the United States to enjoy his holiday vacations. He recently visited Tenerife and shares his experience with us on how to enjoy this adventurous place. 

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