A Guide Visiting Singapore – One Of The World’s Most Exciting Cities

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It's been so long since we went to Singapore. I am so ready to go back. The food, the smell, the fun! 

Singapore is a city that never sleeps and a place that has something to offer to any visitor. Whether you are a foodie, eager to try out the best dishes of India, Indonesia, China and Malaysia, you are interested in arts, culture or eco-attractions, whether you want to enjoy music and party like you have never partied before or you are on a business trip looking for a way to sample what life is like in one of the world’s most colorful and most glamorous places, you will surely find what you are looking for.

Heading to Sentosa

What to Do

The list of the activities you can enjoy in Singapore is endless, but here are 3 top activities you shouldn’t miss out on:

  • Visit the Botanic Gardens – in the city’s green lung you can explore strips of rainforest or marvel at the 3,000 different flower species in the Orchid Garden;
  • Visit the Chinatown Heritage Center and explore the 19th century buildings and streets preserved or recreated for posterity;
  • Go shopping – shopping one of the major attractions of Singapore, you will find the most extraordinary fashion items in Haji Lane and the cheapest electronics in Sim Lim Square.

Where to Stay

Singapore is varied and exciting not only when it comes to activities, but in terms of accommodation as well. Whatever your tastes and your budget, you will be able to find the accommodation that suits you the best.

The city is composed of older districts, boasting the most beautiful Neoclassical villas and modern areas with amazing skyscrapers and other spectacular architectures:

  • The Colonial District is the heart of Singapore and an area full of elegant and luxurious hotels;
  • Chinatown, in the immediate proximity of Lavender Street is another spectacular district of Singapore, with guesthouses and unique, classy boutique hotels;
  • Orchard Road – the area has the highest concentration of malls in Singapore and is also the place where you can explore the Singapore-vibe, with its nightlife, its cafes, bars and restaurants.
  • Singapore is among the world’s most important business centers, so the city is prepared to meet the expectations of business travelers as well. You can find serviced apartments, such as the ones provided by Metro Residences – the company has apartments of various sizes in many of the city’s major districts, all being excellent places to stay at not only for short trips, but for longer periods as well.
Photo courtesy - Metro Residences

Where to Eat

In Singapore, you can enjoy your long-time favorite dish or you can choose to try out something new every day.

You can find international restaurants wherever you go in the city, so if you start craving your favorite pasta or meat dish, you can pop into any of them and enjoy a hearty European or American meal. If you are eager to try new and authentic meals and you don’t want to spend a fortune of food, you should try one of the Hawker Centers in the city – large food halls with food stalls that serve hundreds, if not thousands of different Asian, Indian, Chinese and Malaysian dishes.

Singapore is not only varied and spectacular – it is also a welcoming and friendly city where you can relax and unwind. No wonder it enjoys such huge popularity nowadays!

Dan is an avid traveller and Singapore is just one of his favourites. When he is not travelling, he is planning trips for others as a Travel Agent. 

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A fellow Singaporean here. How many days were you in Singapore previously. :D

Wang Nov 6th, 2016

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