A Winter Sun Escape: Destinations Perfect For Couples

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We've been chasing the sun for years and quite a number of these destinations have been done or are on the list.... Maybe we can revisit them one day without the kids? Now that's a far away future to be thinking about. Until then, we are sure you'll be enjoying the romance for us.

With the New Year well and truly underway, many couples will be looking back at what will have been a jam-packed December full to the brim with social events, family visits and one or two many sherries! The journey back to work will be as appealing as ever and you may already be thinking where to go on your holidays.

The question is: why wait? January is one of the most popular months for couples to escape the cold British weather and head to sunnier, warmer and beach-cladden destinations. While in Australia you'll be thinking July is the best time to get away. What’s more, with the hustle and bustle of the festive period over... or not happening again for awhile... a winter escape offers the perfect opportunity to relax and spend time together, just the two of you without a care in the world.

Winter Sun!

If you’re in need of a refreshing holiday, fancy a change of scenery, or simply feel like topping up your tan, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve teamed up with Charter-a Ltd, leading private jet hire specialists who operate across 52 countries worldwide, to list a few of the most sought after winter sun destinations.


The home of one of America’s cult-defining 70’s cop show era, Hawaii really is a little paradise. It is the only U.S. state to be made up entirely of islands and boasts a diverse, natural and tropical climate. With beaches in abundance, you can expect spine-tingling 28OC weather around this time of year; perfect for relaxing.



Not an obvious holiday destination but Belize is much more than a sunny escape. A culturally-intriguing and beautifully scenic landscape, Belize has a diverse society concocted of Caribbean, Latin American and an unknown British Empire heritage. It is also home to the Great Blue Hole, a natural submarine sinkhole and some incredibly tasty cuisine to whet your appetite.

New Zealand

Often overshadowed by its bigger brother, New Zealand really is like no other place in the world. With a vast geography, centuries of culture and distinctive biodiversity, it is one of the milder destinations in this list with annual temperatures of 10-16oC. But with so much to explore, visit and discover, it’s sure to be a holiday you will never forget.



Think sun, you think of Tenerife. As the most populated island of Spain, it has long been a popular choice for couples to relax, sunbathe and escape the stresses of life. Perfect for ‘lazy holidays’, enjoy the peace and quiet in the absence of tourists at this time of year, but be sure to explore some of its rich culture and cuisine.


The ‘Capital of Latin America’ is regarded as the US’s richest city and is the home of successful basketball team Miami Heat, biotechnology industries and recognised as the hub of fashion, entertainment and finance. Diverse and distinctive, Miami sees an extreme of tropical monsoon and humid summers, but that shouldn’t stop you discovering one of America’s most glamorous cities.

So reignite your relationship after the busy festive period with a deserved break away in some of the world’s most beautiful, tranquil and eye-opening places. 

Phil Warrington, an avid travel writer, looks at a few places for couples to visit to get rid of those winter blues in association with Charter-a Ltd.

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