Airfare Pursuits: How to Get the Cheapest Flights

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We have had our share of cheap flights and it's always a thrill getting a good deal. We hope this information helps when it comes to getting your own share of cheap flights.

Tightening the budget is one of the hardest things to do when it comes to travelling. This is because you would want to get the most of everything when you travel for leisure; and sometimes tightening the budget will require you to sacrifice some comfort in your travels. However, with the rise of competition among and between airline companies and even travel agencies, the travelling industry is now catering to the practical side of travelers.

Today, the trend is to offer budget friendly tour packages, inclusive of airfares and accommodations. However, if you are the type who wants to itemized everything to save money, here are some practical tips on how to search for cheap flights.


Meticulously Searching Online

Have you ever been stuck in a situation where you would want to thoroughly examine a pair of running shoes before you purchase them? Well, you can be in a similar situation when you want to book a flight. Say you have already planned your holiday with your partner during the Christmas season. Now, you would want to book your flight to your holiday destination of choice. To get the best deals, one trick is to compare flights by accessing websites that allows you to compare airfare prices. Websites like Cheapflights lets you search the varied prices offered by different airlines; this way you can compare current airfare rates which could enable you choose which airline offers the cheapest deals.

Another way for you to find cheap flights online is to nab the early bird promos being offered by airline companies. These early bird promos offer as much as 70% discount on regular priced airfares. So if you are looking to travel at the end of the year, nab an early bird discount and book your flights even as early as 6 months or even a year early from your intended travel date. These methods are one of the surest ways for you to find cheap flights online.

If you are serial Facebook user, meaning you can’t live a day without logging online to Facebook, then you can use your habit in nabbing the cheapest flights. Almost all airlines are resorting to social media advertisement to sell their products; major airline companies are blasting their Facebook sites for the best online airfare deals. So follow the pages of major airlines and keep watch for the best online deals.

Money saving tip: If your flight is delayed you may be able to claim up to €600 in Europe for flight delay compensation (under a European law called EC 261).

Consider Booking for Travel Packages

Sometimes, booking travel packages that are inclusive of back and forth airfares and accommodations can save you money. Some travelers who want to make their booking itineraries easier opt to book for a comprehensive travel package rather than separately book their airfare and travel accommodations. This can be considered a cheap airfare deal mainly because of the convenience it brings to the traveler.

Separating Itineraries

Some airlines are known to offer cheap one way airfare. Thus, if you want to save big time on your money, you can try booking a one-way flight with one airline and another one-way flight with another airline. In order to know which among the airlines operating within your country offers the cheapest flights, you can visit Wikipedia, which lists which airlines operate in which country. Then head direct to that airline or to a airline aggregator site.

End Note

There are various ways on how you can book cheap airfare deals without sacrificing on comfort. You just have to be a resourceful person to do so. A bit of time and Google should have you headed towards a cheap flight.

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