5 Best Things to Do in Apollo Beach, Florida

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Very few places have the charm and peaceful atmosphere that you can find in Apollo Beach, Florida. As soon as you arrive, you’ll quickly see that there is more to Apollo Beach than meets the eye and that there is truly a plethora of exciting things to do and relaxing places you can check out right away.

1. Visit the Apollo Beach Nature Preserve

The Apollo Beach Nature Preserve is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places you can visit in the Apollo Beach area. With its pristine, quiet beach that’s perfect for taking a nice sunset walk with your significant other, as well as its excellent locations for spotting some unique wildlife, it’s the ideal choice for people wanting to be introduced to the relaxation, tranquility and natural beauty that has come to be associated with Apollo Beach in general.

2. Relax in a Luxurious Beach-Front Vacation Home

Going around exploring Apollo Beach is great, but you also need a good place to stay after a long day checking out marine life and relaxing on the beach. A luxurious Apollo Beach vacation home is just what you need to lay back, de-stress and enjoy the luxurious that even the finest local resorts may fail to offer. Beachfront vacation homes such as those available at Casa del Mar will make you feel right at home, and you can enjoy all the modern amenities you need, along with beautifully decorated living rooms, large bedrooms and a stunning view that you’ll never forget.

3. Tampa Electric’s Manatee Viewing Center

You can’t really visit the Nature Preserve without stopping by the nearby Tampa Electric’s Manatee Viewing Center. This place is a pristine, warm water viewing center where visitors can check out not only the manatees but a whole host of different species of large fish. Various kinds of birds can also be spotted flying around the area, and the center even has a pool where you can view stingrays up close.  Throw in a shark or two, and you might just have one of the best marine life viewing experiences that you had in a while!

4. Have Some Fun on the Local Golf Course

Apollo Beach is generally a peaceful place, and that means it’s probably the perfect place for a relaxing game of golf. The Apollo Beach Golf Club will definitely whet your appetite if you’re a fan of the sport. The golf course is in great condition, and you’ll have lots of fun practicing or even playing for hours on end. Golf enthusiasts will be able to note that the greens and tees are in quite an excellent shape. Moreover, the entire place is well-maintained and features a beautiful landscape made even more enjoyable by the presence of birdlife in the area.

5. Dining at Alpha Pizza, Pasta & Prime 

When visiting Apollo Beach with the family, you simply have to check out Alpha Pizza, Pasta & Prime, which is not only the best pizza restaurant in the region but also one of the best food places among all of them. Visitors who have been going there for years agree that the place is consistently good, family-friendly, and great for dinner. Check out their Greek salad and buffet, and don’t forget to enjoy some of your favorite alcoholic beverages as well. The great food and friendly locals will certainly help you recharge your batteries after a full day of fun as you explore Apollo Beach.

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