The Beauty And Challenges Of The Arctic Circle – Arctic Expeditions And Cruises

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Whilst I've never been to the Arctic, it's high on my bucket list. And just seeing these pictures from Matt makes me want to experience it even more.

The harsh and unforgiving world of the Arctic Ocean and the bodies of water in the immediate vicinity of Greenland, Alaska, Finland or Canada is a wonderful sight to behold, despite its cold and challenging climate conditions.

If you want to explore these areas, enjoy the riches and beauty of one of the world’s most unique places, and learn about the arctic plant life, animals, marine life and impressive natural heritage of the Arctic, organized cruises can be one of the best opportunities to do so.

The Arctic Circle and Its Impressive Beauty

The calm, icy beauty of the Arctic Circle is a memorable sight that will stay with you all your life. From the mountain glaciers of Norway to the unforgiving cold of Greenland’s northern shores, there are many places that will offer you a chance to be witness to the power of the Arctic’s cold and challenging climate and the ephemeral, fragile nature of its existence, now threatened by the Earth’s climate changes.

Visiting the Arctic in the months of August and September will give you a unique glimpse at the breathtaking scenery, fjord systems and impressive wildlife – including whales, polar bears, seals and many more amazing creatures – found in places like Greenland, Iceland or northern Norway. Also, Arctic expeditions in the later months of the year and in early January can show you the magic of the polar night and the Aurora Borealis.

Available Cruises and Tours for Embarking on Your Next Adventure

Arctic expedition cruises will give you the chance to set sail from some of the most remote areas of the world and set off to explore what lies beyond the boundaries of civilization to the north of places like Norway and Iceland.

Some of the most popular cruise destinations you can explore are:

  • Greenland: The northeast of Greenland is a place for memorable adventures spotting huge icebergs, and venturing into the largest fjord system in the world. Here you can spot seals, whales, seabirds of various types and polar bears, and you can get a shot at seeing the majesty of the Northern Lights around the beginning of September.
  • Iceland: The Iceland cruises are unique in their exploration of waters that are home to porpoises, humpback whales and whitebeaked dolphins. Also, while visiting the island of Grimsey, you can actually take a walk along the arctic circle and see the unforgettable sight of the Aurora Borealis above the Icelandic landscape.
  • Norway: To the north of Norway the cold waters and the long Norway nights will bring you adventures that you’ll never forget, along with a glimpse at various species of whales that travel through the fjords of Troms.
  • Svalbard: Finally, the Svalbard cruises in northern Europe will take you through a unique Norwegian archipelago near the Arctic Circle. These expeditions are the best for spotting polar bears, historic whaling remains and the beautiful landscapes found in places like North Spitsbergen.

There are no boundaries to the excitement and wonder that exploring the Arctic Ocean can bring. If you’re fascinated by glaciers, polar bears and the icy landscapes of some of the coldest places on Earth, embarking on an Arctic cruise should definitely be on your bucket list.

Matt is an expert on all forms of Arctic and Antarctic travel. Today he is sharing his expertise which will help your first visit to the Arctic.

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