Top 10 Attractions in Cairo and Giza

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Cairo, alongside Giza, are two separated yet linked centers that open up for visitors to let them hear out what they have from superb stories.

However, no matter how many pages of those stories you flipped between, you'll still find numerous phases of greatness and supremacy that you still don’t know.

The two centers will revive every sense of astonishment and eagerness in you that you seem to forget how it feels like. The centers will rebuild every portion of your brain with different thick layers of magnitude as its infrastructure. Leaving several peepholes for those who want to have a look straight at civilization and history that cost thousands of years of creation.

So, through the following passages, we’ll share with you attractions that are living proof of the authenticity of both centers, so go grab a cup of tea and dive with us into attractions you can behold during Cairo Tours:

1. Giza Pyramids Complex

Many people don't have it in them to get tired of planning a tour to the Giza Pyramid Complex. As if their senses begging to see from classics what are able to resuscitate them. Therefore, it won't come as a surprise anymore if the complex is getting frequently visited by tons annually. It was between 2500 BC and 2600 BC when the complex guested its visitors for the first time. Also, being a necropolis, the complex works on alluring visitors with sights of rare significant tombs only the complex supports, all belonging to the Fourth Dynasty.

Being included in 1979 as a part of the UNESCO World Heritage list, the complex is a space that has such a high worth and value in the world, modern or ancient. The plateau has on its square space three crucial mortuary milestones, that were the cause of so many tourists being left enchanted; Khufu's, Khafre’s, and Menkaure’s grand tombs. It's the most magnificent necropolis that used to be a major part of Memphis City, the most ancient enchanting capital of Egypt. It also has a number of rich milestones from the Great Pyramid and the Pyramid of Khafre to that of Mankaure and the Valley Temple.

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It’s one of the sites wherein you can enjoy a camel ride. Explore it step by step in a full adventure; just climb up its famous slope, come up to the hill, and now you have made to the complex's highest spot, and it's when you feel like ascending some crown, making you a glorified king of the complexm watching what happens from above. And don’t forget to stay hydrated along the way of your trip.

2. Saqqara Step Pyramid

The six mastabas of the pyramid cause a revolutionary change in what a mortuary looks like, as, unlike other mortuary pyramids, the Saqqara Step Pyramid, with its stone layout, is the most iconic enigmatic burial site. It's a gift for both ancient and modern history.

Since the 27th century BC, Egypt, all its ancient people, stood still to welcome the first appearance of the Saqqara Pyramid as the most ancient and very first pyramid to come. It's a cemetery that has always belonged to the Pharaoh Djoser, that, apart from the true value is presents, also managed to lounge in the minds and hearts with the holy invisible air evaporating from its walls. It took the scale of greatness to a whole another level, carved with hands of golds that belong to the ancient gifted builders, skills that are more than treasuring-worthy

3. Djoser Area

The area has more in it than just the Saqqara Step Pyramid. In fact, Djoser Area is one of the areas that have what the tourists looking for; a package of captivating discoveries that all can be explored at once, turning their tour into a more productive one.

Surrounding the pyramid is a complex, that's a synonym for the said area, filled from the fringes to the core with worthy-to-discover milestones. Sprouted from the area is the Great South Court alongside a hypostyle hall. Right towards the pyramid from the north, are debris of the Sedra Room. Furthermore, the pyramid has one wall that's fancily dressed with cobras, which were so holy creatures back then that ancient people found them worthy enough to be worshipped.

4. Memphis City

In 3200 BC, there was given birth to a milestone whose reputation costs tons of attention from people. Memphis City is the most ancient charming capital of Egypt. "The White Wall" was where the city's name was inspired, a title for which the city caused many, even those who have never been to it, to have thoughts about why was it worth the title. However, if the city's title referred to anything, it might be the king’s place which was made of bright polished white brick.

Came Menes to give us pieces of extravagant art that were all gathered in one location, inside the city. Its margins are home to the most magical mortuary locations of all times, the trio of Giza Pyramids.

5. Salah El-Din Citadel

The sole existence of the Citadel of Sultan Salah El-Din has been able to tempt people to go pack book a ticket and get on the plane to Cairo. The citadel came between 1176 and 1183 CE by Sultan Salah El-Din as a counterstrike to the anticipated or the unanticipated attacks.

Being a powerful witty sultan, Salad El-din was the target of the crusader armies, which, with the help of the castle, the sultan fought back against them with full force, all proud and protected. It worked as an administration seat that added to the safety of the sultan's reign. Beside the position the citadel managed to get, it has another milestone, a holy one, that came as an appendix to the castle; the Mosque of Mohamed Ali. The mosque is known to the world as the Alabaster Mosque since it first came to cast spells on different cultures. It was stoned up by Mohamed Ali Pasha in 1848 not long after the citadel was built.

6. Khan El Khalili Bazaar

Collect up all your thoughts, desires, and wishes in both your palms until it's about time to fly them open in Khan El Khalili Bazaar. It has so many rare values that started off mounding in 961 when the bazaar was announced to be the Fatimid Caliphate Capital. Then, its values took a whole another turn, turning the site's essence to be more of a commercial, industrial center.

From small streets and alleys to passages, the bazaar drowns in clusters of handmade items, original portraits that are worth for you to hang in your room, trails of aromatic spices, alongside more.  Waiting for you on the other side of the bazaar is Muizz Street, which is a minor street knotted as a part of the bazaar. It's another attractive street, however, this one has a religious value more than anything. People have usually been to it for the raw holy invisible rays it affects people’s minds with.

7. Old Cairo

What Old Cairo offers is more than able to meet your imagination and more. From Ahmed Ibn Tulun Mosque and the Hanging Church to Ben Ezra Synagogue, which all are what Old Cairo is about, have a specific atmosphere that only they create. Ahmed Ibn Tulun Mosque is an Islamic site popular among travelers for covering the majority of the area there.

It was during the 9th century when Cairo first left the door open for the mosque to step in. Further, it was built according to orders from Ahmed Tulun. Visitors always pay it a visit for its hovering minaret. Although being an Islamic location, people of different religions frequently visit it.

As for the Hanging Church, it also has its win aesthetics that are able to leave people hypnotized, coming to exist during the ninth century. It's the most authentic church Egypt comes to witness, further, it was blessed with a rare captivating aura among the other ancient churches.

Left is the Bn Ezra Synagogue which was alleged to be once a church for the Coptic Orthodox Faith, then was got the best deal over by a Jewish community in 882 AD. The synagogue's roots come from a Jewish religious man who went by Abraham ibn ‘Ezra.

8. Bab Zuweila

Your eyes will come into contact with two huge minarets as the first marvel of the numerous marvelous sights that Bab Zuweila is bleached with on the inside and outside. Bab Zuweila was the construction results of Fatimid vizier hand in hand with Badr al‑Jamali, the commander‑in‑chief, in 480 /1092 AD. It's one milestone that makes Cairo's touring rates pierce the sky with the number of tourists skyrocketing. It takes the form of sturdy classy towers that bent to the front.

Furthermore, it leads to al‑Mu’izz Street, and it's the everlasting gate out of the other three in Cairo's Fatimid Era's Southern wall. A group of members belonging to the Fatimid army must have left a great effect on the city that the site ended named after them, who was a tribe that went by the Zuwaily

9. Al-Azhar Park

The park underwent a huge astonishing transformation in 2005, which led the park to be one enchanting and charming place of nature that's a must-to-visit for travelers. The park interlaces all the elements that turn it into emerald heaven, surrounded by green everywhere.

Further, it has fountains to the brim with different shapes and layouts, all intertwined by a number of lakes presenting an atmosphere that shoots straight to the greenies' hearts. You get into the park and roam its organic atmosphere, and when the clock strikes 6 PM you take the main outlet towards Sharia Salah Salem.

10. The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization

2017 was when a stunning exhibition was first held to showcase all distinctive kinds of pieces that show snippets of the ancient civilization throughout diverse eras. The Nation Museum embodies, between its walls, pieces that were the most conspicuous in ancient stages, belonging to the pharaonic and prehistorical stages, then the Islamic and Coptic ones.

Your hand will come to connect to the ancient civilization through great pieces and elements. It's for a fact that you'll be left under the spell of multiple highly elegant antiques and artifacts, authentic clothes, and wooden items that'll be your compass during your visit that will lead you to the ancient people’s lives.

Consuming piece after another of the information we presented, you'll feel like the ancient Egyptian civilization warps you around its every domain, getting you to devour every aspect of it in a unique way, coming closer to the trial that ancient history left behind. Of course, Cairo has this terrific magical position that made it control the world, leaving it under the effect of its every attraction.

Now, pull your thoughts together and let Egypt vacation packages give you a variety of gates outlined by glamour, offering you charms that'll keep you company along the trip. It's wherein you find utmost safety, with being legally registered, and the flawless reputation it built up since the first very sense of enthusiasm it teased out of visitors.

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