Thinking of Visiting Australia? Use a Local Guide

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Australia is a fantastic, wonderous land.

It is frequented by millions of people each year, attracted to the golden sand beaches, vibrant cities, and the unique and enigmatic Outback. It is a country that is truly unique. From Europe and America, Down Under is over 20 hours flying time. That shouldn’t put you off, however, as the country is worth spending a day’s travel to get there.

If you’re going for a few weeks, you won’t have time to waste. For this reason, many visit Australia with TravelEssence as they provide local guides who know their part of the country backwards. With this in mind, let’s look at why using a local guide can heighten any trip to Australia.

Travel guides can help if you’re staying in one place or you have decided to do a spectacular road trip Australia and move from place to place.

Advantages of a Local Guide

There are things that are hard to glean from reading a travel guide. Even online material can become out of date due to local or global occurrences. As such, a local guide brings the following advantages:

  • Off the beaten track – A local guide will be able to put together a travel itinerary for you and your group that shows you things most tourists never see. Depending on what kind of Australian travel experience you want, you may find that getting away from the tourist path brings more wonder of the country into view. This is truly a life enriching experience as you get to see the ‘real Down Under’.
  • Tailormade to you – If you tell a good local Australian travel guide where you want to go and how long you have in the country, they’ll devise an itinerary that takes in everything you wanted to see that fits in with your schedule. This is really helpful when you only have a few weeks in Australia.
  • Advice only locals know – A good local guide will be able to give you advice on when is a good time to visit an attraction and when it is best avoided. This can be for anything from avoiding queues to when it is open and closed. This is a real time saver and means you get to enjoy more of your holiday.
  • Avoid danger – Australians are known for being laidback and friendly, but like most parts of the world there are parts of it you want to avoid. Also, it has some dangerous animals living in it and again, you don’t want to go where something big and scaley might try to eat you. Local guides can advise where to go and where to avoid.

Visiting Australia

Australia is the sixth largest country in terms of landmass and is almost the size of America. As such, if time is pressing, choose a part of it to explore. This way, your local guide will be able to help you get the most out of your holiday which is what you want.

Australia is a fantastic place. Make sure you visit it soon.

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