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Packing is the most sort after topic of any traveller and Sammy has done a great job covering bags for every holiday. I know we never travel without Josh's camera bag and I love my day bag, specially with kids. Is there something you would add?

Every holiday is different and its pretty difficult to apply a ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to choosing the bag you’ll take away with you. A stylish messenger bag won’t cut it on a jaunt in the mountains, and a technical hydration pack isn’t really necessary for a city break with friends. However, if you have a few trips planned for the year then you can get away with narrowing down your luggage to a few bags and avoid hoarding far too many in your wardrobe. These are our top 5 bags that will get you through every kind of trip out of town.

Messenger Bag

A city travellers best friend, the messenger bag is not only versatile, compact and stylish, but it’s a safe alternative to a rucksack which you wear on your back. Sling a messenger bag over your shoulder and keep it within your sight and close by your side, making it that little bit more difficult for undesirables to slip their hands in and grab your contents. Jack Wolfskin’s range of shoulder bags are the perfect example of how it should be done. Stylish and understated, they feature separate compartments for all of your essentials, and unlike many other brands with glaringly obvious security features, they don’t draw unwanted attention to potentially valuable contents that you may be carrying inside. In all sorts of different sizes and shapes and made from the most durable fabrics, they’re perfect for lone travelling or carrying essentials for the whole family.


A throwback to the 80’s and the subject of a few giggles, Bumbags have never been the most stylish of travel luggage options; but they are the most practical. You can’t get safer or more secure than a bag thats strapped to the waist, or more convenient for that matter, and they’re the perfect option for when you don’t want to be weighted down by heavy bags and only carry a minimum of items such as cash, a camera etc. The best options are those that make the most of durable fabrics and quality closures, so outdoor brands such as Lowe Alpine not only offer the quality aspect but also understand that it needs to look good too. With lots of stylish colours, size and shape options to suit everyone, they’re an affordable essential that nobody should be ashamed to own.

Day Pack

The chances are that any day pack you use on your travels, is going to be used at home for everyday so essentially, you need something that ticks all of the boxes. Daypacks take a bit of a hammering with everyday use; bashing against things, being on the floor, scrunched up in a locker and rubbing against the back - so durability is an important factor is choosing one. Poler have got ‘the cool outdoors’ down to the last detail and offer some fantastic rucksacks with heritage vibes and understated style. They also feature an unapologetic fiddly opening to keep your contents secure and safe from wandering hands.

Hydration Bag

If your trip is an active one an all-in-one day pack is an advisable option; especially if your activities are day-long and adventurous. A day pack is great for carrying bottles of water for long hikes up mountains or treks through woodland, but a hydration pack does the job for you without leaving all of your other essentials fighting for space. Camelbak are the leading name in hydration packs and the pioneers of the hydration bladder which has revolutionised the way athletes hydrate on to go. Their range of rucksacks are available in a variety of sizes in both men and women specific fits. So depending on the level of activity you plan on doing, you can enjoy a large reserve of water in your bag or just a bit to get you by.

Camera Backpack

Heading out on a once in a lifetime trip and plan on capturing every moment of it? You don;t want your precious kit getting damaged, but probably don’t want to carry a bag around with you and an extra case for your camera or video camera. Camera rucksacks are worth their weight in gold for travelling photographers as they ensure that all of that sensitive equipment is not only protected, but also easily accessible too. In a lot of cases, there is still plenty of space left to hold other daily essentials so you can keep everything together without having a fight on your hands with swinging cases while you walk, and uncomfortable straps everywhere.

Sammy Clough has spent a serious amount of time travelling and just as long going through different bags. She is in the know and on the go. Currently travelling Australia. 

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